Australian movie stars died at 64

Here are 4 famous actors from Australia died at 64:

George Mallaby

George Mallaby (November 4, 1939 Hartlepool-July 12, 2004 Gold Coast) a.k.a. George Frederick Mallaby, Ruth Bass or Detective Peter Barnes was an Australian screenwriter and actor. He had three children, Guy Mallaby, Luke Mallaby and Kirsti Mallaby.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Ray Sherry

Ray Sherry (October 3, 1924 Sydney-June 13, 1989) was an Australian actor. He had one child, Nick Sherry.

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Sidney Bracey

Sidney Bracey (December 18, 1877 Melbourne-August 5, 1942 Hollywood) otherwise known as Sidney Alfred Dunn, Sid Bracy, Sydney Bracey, Sydney Bracy or Sidney Bracy was an Australian actor.

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John Maxim

John Maxim (July 20, 1925 Sydney-January 20, 1990 Brighton) also known as John Wills or John Waldemar Maxim was an Australian actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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