Australian movie stars died in 2006

Here are 7 famous actresses from Australia died in 2006:

Belinda Emmett

Belinda Emmett (April 12, 1974 Gosford-November 11, 2006 Sydney) also known as Belinda Jane Emmett, Belinda Jane "Belle" Emmett or Belle was an Australian singer and actor.

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Sophie Heathcote

Sophie Heathcote (December 25, 1972 Melbourne-January 4, 2006 Connecticut) was an Australian actor. She had two children, Madeleine Clarke and James Clarke.

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Thelma Scott

Thelma Scott (June 17, 1913 Melbourne-November 23, 2006 Sydney) was an Australian actor.

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Esme Melville

Esme Melville (July 23, 1918 Norwood-October 9, 2006 Melbourne) otherwise known as Esme Grace Mount-Melville was an Australian actor.

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Else Fisher

Else Fisher (March 1, 1918 Melbourne-March 3, 2006) otherwise known as Else Marie Fisher-Bergman or Else Fischer was an Australian choreographer, dancer, writer and actor. Her child is called Lena Bergman.

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Dawn Lake

Dawn Lake (January 20, 1927 Balmain-January 1, 2006 Sydney) also known as Dawn Limb or Dawn Alice Lake was an Australian singer, actor, comedian and entertainer. She had one child, Debbie Limb.

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Ann Richards

Ann Richards (December 13, 1917 Sydney-August 25, 2006 Torrance) also known as Shirley Ann Richards was an Australian actor and poet. Her children are called Christopher Angelo, Juliet Angelo and Mark Angelo.

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