Australian movie stars died in 2013

Here are 6 famous actresses from Australia died in 2013:

Patricia Lovell

Patricia Lovell (November 27, 2014 Artarmon-January 26, 2013 Sydney) a.k.a. Patricia Anne Tasman, Pat Lovell, Patricia Anna Parr, Patricia Lovell AM, MBE, Miss Pat or Patricia Anne Parr was an Australian film producer and actor. She had two children, Jenny Lovell and Simon Lovell.

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Joyce Jacobs

Joyce Jacobs (April 15, 1922 England-September 15, 2013 Sydney) was an Australian actor.

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Penne Hackforth-Jones

Penne Hackforth-Jones (August 5, 1949 Greenwich-May 17, 2013 Melbourne) also known as Penelope Beatrix Hackforth-Jones was an Australian actor and biographer.

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Chrissy Amphlett

Chrissy Amphlett (October 25, 1959 Geelong-April 21, 2013 New York City) also known as Christina Amphlett or Christine Joy Amphlett was an Australian singer, actor and songwriter.

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Elke Neidhardt

Elke Neidhardt (July 5, 1941 Stuttgart-November 25, 2013 Melbourne) a.k.a. Elke Cordelia Neidhardt AM or Elke Neidhart was an Australian actor and theatre director. She had one child, Fabian Muir.

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Betty Burstall

Betty Burstall (February 4, 1926 Australia-June 14, 2013 Melbourne) otherwise known as Betty Margaret Rogers or Betty Rogers was an Australian actor and theatre director. Her children are called Dan Burstall and Tom Burstall.

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