Cuban music stars who deceased at age 37

Here are 3 famous musicians from Cuba died at 37:

Marlene Elejarde

Marlene Elejarde (June 3, 1951 Havana-April 29, 1989) was a Cuban personality.

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Estelita Rodriguez

Estelita Rodriguez (July 2, 1928 Guanajay-March 12, 1966 Van Nuys) also known as Estelita, Estelita M. Pego or Estelita M. Rodriguez was a Cuban actor and singer. She had one child, Nina Martinez.

She died caused by influenza.

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Pedro Álvarez Castelló

Pedro Álvarez Castelló (February 9, 1967 Havana-February 12, 2004 Tempe) also known as Pedro Alvarez Castello, Pedro Reinaldo Álvarez Castelló or Pedro Alvarez was a Cuban painter.

He died as a result of suicide.

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