Spanish actors who died due to Lung cancer

Here are 8 famous actors from Spain died in Lung cancer:

Alberto Closas

Alberto Closas (October 30, 1921 Barcelona-September 19, 1994 Madrid) also known as Alberto Closas Lluró, Albert Closas or Alberto Closas Lluro was a Spanish actor. He had one child, Alberto Closas.

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Nacho Martínez

Nacho Martínez (July 8, 1952 Mieres, Asturias-July 24, 1996 Oviedo) a.k.a. Ignacio Martínez Navia-Osorio or Nacho Martinez was a Spanish actor and voice actor.

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Sancho Gracia

Sancho Gracia (September 27, 1936 Madrid-August 8, 2012 Madrid) also known as Félix Ángel Sancho Gracia, Félix Sancho Gracia or Sancho Garcia was a Spanish actor. His children are called Rodolfo Sancho, Rodrigo Sancho and Félix Sancho.

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Julián Mateos

Julián Mateos (January 15, 1938 Robledillo de Trujillo-December 27, 1996 Madrid) also known as Julian Mateos was a Spanish actor and film producer.

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Roberto Vidal Bolaño

Roberto Vidal Bolaño (July 31, 1950 Santiago de Compostela-September 11, 2002 Santiago de Compostela) a.k.a. Roberto Vidal was a Spanish actor. He had two children, Roi Vidal Ponte and Carme Vidal Quintáns.

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Juan Luis Galiardo

Juan Luis Galiardo (March 2, 1940 San Roque-June 22, 2012 Madrid) otherwise known as Juan Luis Galiardo Comes, L. Galiardo, John L. Galiardo, Robert Dean, Juan Galiardo, Juan Luis Gallardo, John Galy, Juan Luis, Juan L. Galiardo or Juan Luís Galiardo was a Spanish actor, film producer and television producer. He had five children, Luis Galiardo, Maria Galiardo, Isabel Galiardo, Natalia Galiardo and Carlos Galiardo.

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José Sancho

José Sancho (November 11, 1944 Manises-March 3, 2013 Valencia) a.k.a. José Asunción Martínez Sancho, Jose Sancho or Pepe Sancho was a Spanish actor. His children are called Alejandro Sancho and Javier Sancho.

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Peret (March 24, 1935 Mataró-August 27, 2014 Barcelona) also known as Pedro Pubill Calaf was a Spanish singer, guitarist, composer and actor.

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