Australian musicians born in 1927

Here are 5 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1927:

John Hopkins

John Hopkins (July 19, 1927 England-September 30, 2013 Melbourne) was an Australian conductor.

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Ray Barrett

Ray Barrett (May 2, 1927 Brisbane-September 8, 2009 Gold Coast) also known as Raymond Charles Barrett, Ray or Raymond Charles "Ray" Barrett was an Australian actor, voice actor and singer.

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Peter Cundall

Peter Cundall (April 1, 1927 Manchester-) also known as Cundall is an Australian soldier, presenter, conservationist, gardener and environmentalist.

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Slim Dusty

Slim Dusty (June 13, 1927 Kempsey-September 19, 2003 Sydney) otherwise known as Slim Newton, Dusty, Slim or David Gordon Kirkpatrick was an Australian singer, songwriter and record producer. His children are called Anne Kirkpatrick and David Kirkpatrick.

His discography includes: Land of Lots of Time, Song of Australia, The Men From Nulla Nulla, West of Winton, Side by Side, A Piece of Australia, A Time to Remember, Beer Drinking Songs of Australia, Coming Home and Dusty Tracks.

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Alan Freeman

Alan Freeman (July 6, 1927 New South Wales-November 27, 2006) was an Australian disc jockey and radio personality.

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