Australian musicians born in 1947

Here are 10 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1947:

Johnny Young

Johnny Young (March 12, 1947 Rotterdam-) also known as Johnny Benjamin de Jong or John B Young is an Australian presenter, singer and disc jockey.

His related genres: Pop music.

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Angry Anderson

Angry Anderson (August 5, 1947 Melbourne-) a.k.a. Gary Anderson, Anderson, Angry, Gary Stephen Anderson, Gary Stephen "Angry" Anderson or Angry Ant is an Australian singer, singer-songwriter, actor, journalist, presenter and political activist. His children are Roxanne Anderson, Galen Anderson, Blaine Anderson and Liam Anderson.

His discography includes: Beats From a Single Drum and Blood From Stone. Genres: Hard rock, Rock music, Blues rock and Rock and roll.

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Stuart Challender

Stuart Challender (February 19, 1947 Hobart-December 13, 1991 Sydney) was an Australian conductor.

His discography includes: Complete Symphonies 1-6 and Symphony Under the Stars. Genres: Opera and Classical music.

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Judi Connelli

Judi Connelli (July 24, 1947 Brisbane-) also known as Judie Conelli is an Australian actor and singer.

Her discography includes: On My Way to You, Perfect Strangers and Back To Before - A Life In Song.

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Ian Rilen

Ian Rilen (August 12, 1947 Bendigo-October 30, 2006 Melbourne) also known as Rilen, Ian or Ian William Rilen was an Australian musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Rock music and Hard rock.

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Franciscus Henri

Franciscus Henri (August 7, 1947 The Hague-) also known as Henri, Franciscus is an Australian , .

Discography: Walking on the Milkyway, Explorer Semester One, Hello Mister Whiskers, Explorer Semester Two, Pigtails, Mister Whiskers: My Favourite Nursery Rhymes, Lord of the Dance, Ding Dong Who Rang the Bell, Children's Christmas Songs and Hans Christian Andersen. Genres: Children's music, Gospel music and Folk music.

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Graeham Goble

Graeham Goble (May 15, 1947 Adelaide-) otherwise known as Graeham George Goble or Goble, Graeham is an Australian , .

Discography: The Days Ahead, Nautilus, Stop, The Last Romance and Full Circle (Live). Genres he performed: Soft rock and Pop music.

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Ted Mulry

Ted Mulry (September 2, 1947 Oldham-September 1, 2001) also known as Mulry, Ted or Steve Ryder was an Australian singer-songwriter, bassist and guitarist.

Discography: The Essential Ted Mulry & TMG.

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Marty Kristian

Marty Kristian (May 27, 1947 Leipzig-) also known as Martin Vanags is an Australian singer, songwriter and singer-songwriter. He has one child, James Kristian.

Genres: Pop music.

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Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson (November 18, 1947 Melbourne-) a.k.a. Wilson, Ross or Ross Andrew Wilson is an Australian singer, record producer, songwriter, actor, guitarist and singer-songwriter. His children are called Athina Wilson, Dimitri Wilson, Olympia Valance and Daniel Wilson.

Related albums: Dark Side of the Man, Tributary, Country & Wilson, Go Bongo Go Wild! and I Come in Peace. Genres: Rock music, Progressive rock and Rock and roll.

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