Austrian musicians died at 35

Here are 4 famous musicians from Austria died at 35:

Max Valier

Max Valier (February 9, 1895 Bolzano-May 17, 1930 Berlin) was an Austrian physicist, scientist and writer.

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Matthias Sindelar

Matthias Sindelar (February 10, 1903 Kozlov-January 23, 1939 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

He died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Karl Kurz

Karl Kurz (November 21, 1898-November 26, 1933) was an Austrian personality.

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Cymburgis of Masovia

Cymburgis of Masovia (April 5, 1394 Warsaw-September 28, 1429 T├╝rnitz) was an Austrian personality. She had four children, Margaret of Austria, Electress of Saxony, Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, Albert VI, Archduke of Austria and Catherine of Austria.

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