German actresses who deceased at age 77

Here are 10 famous actresses from Germany died at 77:

Lucie Mannheim

Lucie Mannheim (April 30, 1899 Köpenick-July 28, 1976 Braunlage) was a German singer and actor.

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Brigitte Horney

Brigitte Horney (March 29, 1911 Berlin-July 27, 1988 Hamburg) a.k.a. Biggy or Brigitte HorneyLMF was a German actor and voice actor.

She died in cancer.

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Erna Morena

Erna Morena (April 24, 1885 Wörth am Main-July 20, 1962 Munich) was a German actor. Her child is called Eva-Maria Herzog.

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Erna Sellmer

Erna Sellmer (June 19, 1905 Hamburg-May 13, 1983 Munich) was a German actor.

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Hansi Burg

Hansi Burg (April 5, 1898 Vienna-April 5, 1975 Starnberg) was a German actor.

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Jessie Rindom

Jessie Rindom (October 4, 1903 Rostock-January 8, 1981 Copenhagen) also known as Jessie Lauring was a German actor. She had one child, Bertel Lauring.

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Hilde Weissner

Hilde Weissner (July 3, 1909 Szczecin-May 30, 1987 Braunau am Inn) also known as Hildegard Margot Helene Weißbrodt was a German actor.

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Marianne Kehlau

Marianne Kehlau (January 31, 1925 Hamburg-October 28, 2002 Hamburg) was a German actor.

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Angelika Hurwicz

Angelika Hurwicz (April 22, 1922 Berlin-November 26, 1999 Bergen) was a German actor.

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Maria Litto

Maria Litto (September 19, 1919 Höxter-October 25, 1996 Hamburg) was a German actor, dancer and choreography.

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