Australian musicians born in 1961

Here are 14 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1961:

Gina Riley

Gina Riley (May 6, 1961 Melbourne-) also known as Kath & Kim, Kim or Riley, Gina is an Australian screenwriter, comedian, actor, television producer and singer. She has one child, Maggie McKenna.

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Simone Young

Simone Young (March 2, 1961 Sydney-) is an Australian conductor and music director.

Her albums include .

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Ally Fowler

Ally Fowler (December 6, 1961 Australia-) also known as Allie Fowler is an Australian singer.

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Paul Field

Paul Field (May 3, 1961-) is an Australian musician, businessperson, film director, songwriter and film producer.

His related genres: Children's music and Pop rock.

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Brad Shepherd

Brad Shepherd (February 1, 1961 Sydney-) also known as Bradley Mark Shepherd, Brad Shepard or Shepherd, Brad is an Australian guitarist and musician.

Genres: Rock music.

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Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard (April 12, 1961 Melbourne-) is an Australian singer, composer, musician and film score composer.

Her albums: The Mirror Pool, Whale Rider, The Silver Tree, Lisa Gerrard, Farscape, Beautiful Voices 020 (Lisa Gerrard Special Edition), The Black Opal, Balibo, Come Quietly and Immortal Memory. Genres she performed: Ambient music, Gothic rock, Ethereal wave, New Age, Neoclassical Dark Wave, Film score and New-age music.

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Brett Dean

Brett Dean (October 23, 1961 Brisbane-) a.k.a. Dean, Brett is an Australian violist and conductor.

His albums include Brett Dean (Sydney Symphony feat. conductors: Simone Young, Hugo Wolf), The Lost Art of Letter Writing and String Quintet, op. 88 / Clarinet Quintet, op. 115.

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Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor (March 15, 1961-May 23, 2010) also known as O'Connor, Tony, Tony O Connor or Tony O' Connor was an Australian musician, composer and record producer.

His albums: Australian Bush Garden, Bushland Dreaming, Zodiac Collection, Capricorn, Dreams and Discoveries, From the Mountains to the Sea, Hidden Forest, In Touch, Kakadu, Lovesong and Mariner. Genres related to him: Instrumental and New-age music.

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Michael Kieran Harvey

Michael Kieran Harvey (July 7, 1961 Sydney-) also known as Harvey is an Australian , .

His albums include Rabid Bay (piano: Michael Kieran Harvey) and Vingt regards sur l'enfant-J├ęsus.

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Jon Farriss

Jon Farriss (August 10, 1961 Perth-) also known as Jonathon James Farriss, Slappy or Jonathon James "Jon" Farriss is an Australian drummer and musician. His children are Avani Jillian Farriss and Danan James Farriss.

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Brian Mannix

Brian Mannix (October 7, 1961 Melbourne-) also known as Mannix is an Australian singer and actor. His children are Casey Mannix and Max Mannix.

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Stephen Rae

Stephen Rae (November 8, 1961 Sydney-March 1, 2015) also known as Douglas Stephen Rae was an Australian actor, composer, film score composer and musician.

His albums include Traps.

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Anthony Warlow

Anthony Warlow (November 18, 1961 Wollongong-) is an Australian actor and opera singer. He has one child, Phoebe Rose Warlow.

His albums include Centre Stage, Midnight Dreaming, On the Boards, The Best of Act One, Highlights From Jekyll & Hyde (Concept), Highlights From the Main Event, Face The Music and Back in the Swing.

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Rick Price

Rick Price (July 6, 1961 Brisbane-) also known as Price, Rick is an Australian singer and songwriter.

Discography: The Best Of, Tamborine Mountain, Songs From the Heart, Heaven Knows and Revisited. Genres related to him: Ballad, Rock music, Pop rock, Country, Folk rock and Gospel music.

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