Norwegian musicians died at 74

Here are 20 famous musicians from Norway died at 74:

Ole Danbolt Mjøs

Ole Danbolt Mjøs (March 8, 1939 Bergen-October 1, 2013) also known as Dr. Ole Danbolt Mjøs was a Norwegian physician and politician.

He died caused by disease.

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Gunder Gundersen

Gunder Gundersen (September 12, 1930 Asker-June 2, 2005) was a Norwegian personality.

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Rune Nilsen

Rune Nilsen (September 15, 1923-July 19, 1998) was a Norwegian personality.

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Birger Leirud

Birger Leirud (June 26, 1924-February 10, 1999) was a Norwegian personality.

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Einar Tommelstad

Einar Tommelstad (January 19, 1909-November 7, 1983) was a Norwegian personality.

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Guttorm Berge

Guttorm Berge (April 19, 1929 Oppland-March 13, 2004 Bærum) was a Norwegian personality.

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Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen

Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen (June 7, 1890 Oslo-June 3, 1965 Copenhagen) was a Norwegian pilot.

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Bernt Evensen

Bernt Evensen (April 8, 1905 Oslo-August 24, 1979 Oslo) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Worm Hirsch Darre-Jenssen

Worm Hirsch Darre-Jenssen (December 7, 1870 Ranheim-April 30, 1945) was a Norwegian engineer.

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Alfred Madsen

Alfred Madsen (April 10, 1888 Bergen-May 8, 1962 Bærum) was a Norwegian engineer.

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Niels Christian Ditleff

Niels Christian Ditleff (October 29, 1881 Larvik-June 18, 1956 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Hans Gabrielsen

Hans Gabrielsen (January 8, 1891 Oslo-March 10, 1965 Lillehammer) was a Norwegian jurist and judge.

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Tor Stokke

Tor Stokke (August 23, 1928 Trondheim-June 13, 2003 Norway) was a Norwegian actor. He had one child, Linn Stokke.

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Ola Isene

Ola Isene (June 2, 1898 Rødenes-May 6, 1973 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor and opera singer.

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Lorang Christiansen

Lorang Christiansen (January 22, 1917 Oslo-February 2, 1991 Oslo) was a Norwegian athlete.

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Per Bergsland

Per Bergsland (January 17, 1918-June 9, 1992) a.k.a. Sgt Per Bergsland was a Norwegian soldier.

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Jonas Lie

Jonas Lie (November 6, 1833 Hokksund-June 5, 1908 Stavern) a.k.a. Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie was a Norwegian journalist and novelist.

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Hans Heiberg

Hans Heiberg (January 28, 1904 Oslo-December 6, 1978) was a Norwegian journalist, literary critic, essayist, novelist, playwright, translator, writer, author and theatre director.

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Odd Eidem

Odd Eidem (October 23, 1913 Oslo-June 10, 1988 Nesodden) a.k.a. Justino Valente was a Norwegian author, writer, journalist and literary critic.

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Georg Johannesen

Georg Johannesen (February 22, 1931 Bergen-December 24, 2005 Egypt) was a Norwegian writer and author.

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