Australian musicians died at 52

Here are 6 famous musicians from Australia died at 52:

Frederic Manning

Frederic Manning (July 22, 1882 Sydney-February 22, 1935 Hampstead) was an Australian poet and novelist.

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Jon Blake

Jon Blake (December 10, 1958 Hornsby-May 30, 2011 Central Coast) a.k.a. Paul Jonathan Blake, Sonny Blake or Paul Gleason was an Australian actor and professional boxer. He had one child, Dustin Blake.

He died in pneumonia.

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Alberto Zelman

Alberto Zelman (November 15, 1874 Melbourne-March 3, 1927) was an Australian conductor.

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Edith Bliss

Edith Bliss (September 28, 1959 Brisbane-May 3, 2012 Sydney) was an Australian presenter.

Her discography includes: Two Single Beds and If It's Love You Want / Hot Rain. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Paul Mees

Paul Mees (April 5, 1961-June 19, 2013) was an Australian lawyer and teacher.

He died caused by cancer.

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Hedley Bull

Hedley Bull (June 10, 1932 Sydney-May 18, 1985) was an Australian personality.

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