Australian musicians died at 65

Here are 15 famous musicians from Australia died at 65:

Struan Sutherland

Struan Sutherland (June 17, 1936 Sydney-January 11, 2002) also known as Struan Keith Sutherland was an Australian researcher.

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Charlotte Barton

Charlotte Barton (April 5, 1797-April 5, 1862) was an Australian writer.

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Eve Langley

Eve Langley (September 1, 1908 Forbes-June 1, 1974 Katoomba) was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Terry Gathercole

Terry Gathercole (November 25, 1935 Australia-May 30, 2001) also known as Terence Gathercole was an Australian swimmer.

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Frank Beaurepaire

Frank Beaurepaire (May 13, 1891 Melbourne-May 29, 1956 Melbourne) also known as Frank de Beaurepaire was an Australian politician and swimmer.

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Caroline Dexter

Caroline Dexter (January 6, 1819-August 19, 1884) was an Australian journalist.

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Benjamin Boothby

Benjamin Boothby (February 5, 1803-June 21, 1868) also known as Judge Benjamin Boothby was an Australian judge.

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Richard Meagher

Richard Meagher (January 11, 1866 Bathurst-September 17, 1931 Lewisham) was an Australian lawyer and politician.

He died as a result of nephritis.

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Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker (February 26, 1883-July 31, 1948 Sydney) was an Australian personality.

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Winifred Lewellin James

Winifred Lewellin James (March 20, 1876-April 27, 1941) was an Australian novelist and writer.

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Malcolm Royal

Malcolm Royal (April 25, 1941-October 21, 2006) was an Australian lawyer.

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Irena Sibley

Irena Sibley (June 16, 1943 Lithuania-March 29, 2009) also known as Irena Justina Pauliukonis was an Australian artist, writer, illustrator, teacher and visual artist.

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Billy Wilson

Billy Wilson (May 30, 1927 Blakehurst-March 25, 1993 Gympie) was an Australian personality.

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George Turner

George Turner (August 8, 1851 Melbourne-August 13, 1916 Melbourne) was an Australian politician.

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James Francis

James Francis (January 9, 1819 London-January 25, 1884 Queenscliff) was an Australian politician.

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