Australian musicians died at 75

Here are 30 famous musicians from Australia died at 75:

Harrie Massey

Harrie Massey (May 16, 1908 St Kilda-November 27, 1983 Cambridge) was an Australian physicist.

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Samuel Griffith

Samuel Griffith (June 21, 1845 Merthyr Tydfil-August 9, 1920 Brisbane) also known as Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, Sir Samuel Griffith, The Hon. Sir Samuel Griffith or Judge Samuel Griffith was an Australian judge, politician and barrister.

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Ethel Anderson

Ethel Anderson (March 16, 1883 England-August 4, 1958 Sydney) was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Dorothy Auchterlonie Green

Dorothy Auchterlonie Green (May 28, 1915 Sunderland-February 21, 1991 Canberra) also known as Dorothy Green or Dorothy Auchterlonie was an Australian writer, poet, educator and literary critic.

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Gwen Harwood

Gwen Harwood (June 8, 1920 Taringa-December 9, 1995 Hobart) was an Australian writer.

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Sheila Florance

Sheila Florance (July 24, 1916 St Kilda-October 12, 1991 Melbourne) a.k.a. Sheila Florence or Sheila Mary Florance was an Australian actor. Her children are called Peter Oyston, Philip Oyston and Susan Oyston.

She died caused by cancer.

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Kylie Tennant

Kylie Tennant (March 12, 1912 Manly-February 28, 1988) also known as Kathleen Kylie Tennant or Kathleen Kylie Tennant AO was an Australian writer, novelist, critic, historian, biographer and playwright. She had two children, Benison Rodd and John Laurence Rodd.

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Morris Lurie

Morris Lurie (October 30, 1938 Carlton-October 8, 2014) was an Australian writer and novelist.

He died as a result of cancer.

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William Forster

William Forster (June 15, 1921 New South Wales-January 31, 1997) a.k.a. Judge William Forster was an Australian judge.

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Don Lane

Don Lane (November 13, 1933 The Bronx-October 22, 2009 Sydney) also known as Morton Donald Isaacson was an Australian presenter, talk show host, sports commentator, singer and actor.

He died as a result of alzheimer's disease.

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Gordon McDougall

Gordon McDougall (February 7, 1916 Glasgow-May 18, 1991 Sydney) also known as Gordon Sholto M'Dougal, Gordon McDougal, Gordon Sholto M'Dougall or Gordon Sholto McDougall was an Australian actor and theatre director.

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Terry Gill

Terry Gill (October 25, 1939 England-February 25, 2015) a.k.a. Terrence Gill was an Australian actor and performer.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Andrew Garran

Andrew Garran (November 19, 1825 London-June 6, 1901 Darlinghurst) was an Australian lawyer and politician. He had one child, Robert Garran.

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William Herald

William Herald (April 28, 1900 Glebe-February 13, 1976) was an Australian swimmer.

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Frederic Wood Jones

Frederic Wood Jones (January 23, 1879-September 29, 1954) was an Australian scientist.

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Henry Wrixon

Henry Wrixon (October 18, 1839 Dublin-April 9, 1915 Kew Vic) was an Australian lawyer, politician and barrister.

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Ada Evans

Ada Evans (May 17, 1872 Wanstead-December 27, 1947) was an Australian lawyer.

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Philip Whistler Street

Philip Whistler Street (August 9, 1863 Sydney-September 11, 1938) also known as The Hon. Sir Philip Whistler Street was an Australian judge and lawyer. His child is called Kenneth Street.

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John Cain

John Cain (January 19, 1882 Greendale, Victoria-August 4, 1957 Townsville) was an Australian politician. His child is John Cain.

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Philip Collier

Philip Collier (April 21, 1873 Woodstock, Victoria-October 18, 1948 Mount Lawley) was an Australian politician.

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Eddie Charlton

Eddie Charlton (October 31, 1929 Merewether-November 7, 2004 Palmerston North) was an Australian personality.

He died in surgical complications.

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William Edward Hanley Stanner

William Edward Hanley Stanner (November 24, 1905 Sydney-October 8, 1981) also known as W. E. H. Stanner was an Australian personality.

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June Bronhill

June Bronhill (June 26, 1929 Broken Hill-January 24, 2005 Sydney) was an Australian singer.

She died in alzheimer's disease.

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Sidney Nolan

Sidney Nolan (April 22, 1917 Carlton-November 28, 1992 London) was an Australian painter.

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Lindsay Bernard Hall

Lindsay Bernard Hall (December 28, 1859 England-February 14, 1935) was an Australian personality.

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Fritz Hart

Fritz Hart (February 11, 1874 London-July 9, 1949 Honolulu) was an Australian personality.

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Cyril Connell, Snr.

Cyril Connell, Snr. (June 6, 1899 Sydney-October 24, 1974 Brisbane) was an Australian personality. He had one child, Cyril Connell, Jr..

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Joe Darling

Joe Darling (November 21, 1870 Glen Osmond-January 2, 1946 Hobart) was an Australian personality.

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Roy Grounds

Roy Grounds (December 18, 1905 Melbourne-March 7, 1981 Melbourne) was an Australian architect.

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James Service

James Service (November 27, 1823 Kilwinning-April 12, 1899 Melbourne) was an Australian politician.

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