Pakistani music stars who deceased at age 67

Here are 4 famous musicians from Pakistan died at 67:

Sajjad Zaheer

Sajjad Zaheer (November 5, 1905 Lucknow-September 13, 1973 Almaty) also known as Syed Sajjad Zaheer was a Pakistani writer, politician and playwright. He had four children, Nadira Babbar, Noor Zaheer, Najma Ali Baquer and Naseem Bhatia.

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Khalid Masud

Khalid Masud (December 16, 1935 Pakistan-October 1, 2003) was a Pakistani personality.

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Faheem Hussain

Faheem Hussain (July 31, 1942 Yavatmal-September 1, 2009) was a Pakistani personality.

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Kausar Bashir Ahmed

Kausar Bashir Ahmed (March 9, 1939-November 9, 2006) was a Pakistani architect.

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