Austrian movie stars died in 1986

Here are 6 famous actors from Austria died in 1986:

Otto Preminger

Otto Preminger (December 5, 1905 Vyzhnytsia-April 23, 1986 New York City) also known as Otto Ludwig Preminger or Otto the Ogre was an Austrian film director, actor, film producer and theatre director. He had three children, Erik Lee Preminger, Victoria Preminger and Mark Preminger.

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Harald Reinl

Harald Reinl (July 8, 1908 Bad Ischl-October 9, 1986 Puerto de la Cruz) a.k.a. Dr. Harald Reinl was an Austrian film director, screenwriter, film editor and actor.

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Helmut Qualtinger

Helmut Qualtinger (October 8, 1928 Vienna-September 29, 1986 Vienna) a.k.a. Helmuth Qualtinger or Quasi was an Austrian actor, writer, screenwriter, voice actor, cabaret artist and journalist. He had one child, Christian Heimito Qualtinger.

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Friedrich von Ledebur

Friedrich von Ledebur (June 3, 1900 Nisko-December 25, 1986 Linz) a.k.a. Graf Friedrich Anton Maria Hubertus Bonifacius von Ledebur-Wicheln, Fredrick Ledebur, Frederic Ledebur, Frederich Ledebur, Frederick von Ledebur, Fredrich Ledebur, Friedrich Von Ledebur, Friedrich Ledebur, Frederick Ledebur or Friedrich Anton Maria Hubertus Bonifacius Graf von Ledebur-Wicheln was an Austrian actor and military officer. He had two children, Christian von Ledebur and John Friedrich von Ledebur.

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Boy Gobert

Boy Gobert (June 5, 1925 Hamburg-May 30, 1986 Vienna) also known as Boy Christian Klée Gobert or Christian Klee Boy Gobert was an Austrian actor and film director.

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Richard Eybner

Richard Eybner (March 17, 1896 Sankt Pölten-June 20, 1986 Vienna) a.k.a. Rich. Eybner was an Austrian actor.

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