Indian music stars deceased in Cerebral hemorrhage

Here are 3 famous musicians from India died in Cerebral hemorrhage:

Sudhir Phadke

Sudhir Phadke (July 25, 1919 Kolhapur-July 29, 2002 Mumbai) otherwise known as Babuji or Ram Phadke was an Indian singer and film score composer. He had one child, Shridhar Phadke.

Genres he performed: Film score and Indian classical music.

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Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh (February 8, 1941 Sri Ganganagar-October 10, 2011 Mumbai) also known as Jagmohan Singh or Jagjit-Chitra was an Indian singer, musician, entrepreneur, film score composer, music director, songwriter, composer and activist. He had two children, Vivek Singh and Monica.

His albums include Face to Face, Saanwara, Hey Gobind Hey Gopal, Tum To Nahin Ho, Aaeena, Different Strokes, Forever, Insight - Nida Fazli, Jagjit Singh: The Inimitable Ghazal Composer and Love is Blind. Genres: Folk music, Classical music, Ghazal and Devotional song.

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Gireesh Puthenchery

Gireesh Puthenchery (September 23, 1959 Kozhikode-February 10, 2010 Kozhikode) a.k.a. Girish Puthencherry, Girish Puttasheri or GireeshPuthenchery was an Indian lyricist, screenwriter and writer. His children are Gireesh Jithin Krishnan Puthenchery and Gireesh Dinanath Puthenchery.

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