Austrian movie stars born in 1919

Here are 6 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1919:

Maria Lassnig

Maria Lassnig (September 8, 1919 Kappel am Krappfeld-May 6, 2014 Vienna) a.k.a. Prof. Maria Lassnig was an Austrian actor and film director.

Elfe Gerhart

Elfe Gerhart (July 10, 1919 Vienna-November 9, 2007 Liezen District) also known as Elfi Gerhart, Elfe Gerhart-Dahlke, Elfriede Gerhart, Elfi Gerhardt, Elfe Gerhart Dahlke, fairy Gerhart or elf Gerhart Dahlke was an Austrian actor.

Margherita Horowitz

Margherita Horowitz (August 7, 1919 Auschwitz concentration camp-May 16, 1990 Rome) a.k.a. Margareth Horowitz, Margherita Trentini, Margaret Horowitz or Margherita Horovitz was an Austrian actor.

Kornélia Sallay

Kornélia Sallay (August 2, 1919 Pörtschach am Wörthersee-February 18, 2003 Budapest) also known as Sallai Kornélia, Kornélia Sallai or Kornelia Schiffler was an Austrian actor.

Eva Langraf

Eva Langraf (August 28, 1919 Vienna-March 11, 2009 Zürich) also known as Eva Landgraf was an Austrian actor. She had one child, Katja Früh.

Silvia Grohs Martin

Silvia Grohs Martin (October 1, 1919 Vienna-April 18, 2009) a.k.a. Silvie or Silvia Grohs-Martin was an Austrian actor, singer and dancer.

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