Austrian movie stars born in 1940

Here are 5 famous actresses from Austria were born in 1940:

Valie Export

Valie Export (May 17, 1940 Linz-) a.k.a. Waltraud Lehner, Waltraud Höllinger or VALIE EXPORT is an Austrian film director, film producer, actor, screenwriter, film editor and visual artist.

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Bibi Besch

Bibi Besch (February 1, 1940 Vienna-September 7, 1996 Los Angeles) also known as Bibiana Besch, Bibiana M. "Bibi" Besch, Bibiana "Bibi" Besch, Bibiana Köchert, Bibiana "Bibi" Köchert or Bibiana M. Besch was an Austrian actor. She had one child, Samantha Mathis.

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Barbara Valentin

Barbara Valentin (December 15, 1940 Vienna-February 22, 2002 Munich) also known as Ursula Ledersteger, Uschi Ledersteger or Barbara Valentine was an Austrian actor.

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Ingeborg Day

Ingeborg Day (November 1, 1940 Graz-May 18, 2011) also known as Elizabeth McNeill was an Austrian author and actor. She had two children, Ursula Day and John Day.

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Heidelinde Weis

Heidelinde Weis (September 17, 1940 Villach-) is an Austrian actor.

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