Austrian musicians died at 45

Here are 8 famous musicians from Austria died at 45:

Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow

Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow (August 5, 1846 Vienna-October 22, 1891 Vienna) otherwise known as Dr. Ernst von Fleischl-Marxow was an Austrian physician.

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Georg Joseph Kamel

Georg Joseph Kamel (April 21, 1661 Brno-May 2, 1706 Manila) was an Austrian scientist and botanist.

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Alfred Merz

Alfred Merz (January 24, 1880 Perchtoldsdorf-August 16, 1925 Buenos Aires) was an Austrian scientist.

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Johann von Herbeck

Johann von Herbeck (December 25, 1831 Vienna-October 28, 1877 Vienna) a.k.a. Johann Herbeck, Johann Franz von Herbeck or Johann V.F. Herbeck was an Austrian personality.

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Wilhelm Grosz

Wilhelm Grosz (August 11, 1894 Vienna-December 10, 1939 New York City) also known as Grosz, Wilhelm, Hugh Williams, Will Grosz or Wilhelm GroƟ was an Austrian conductor, composer and film score composer.

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Leopold V, Archduke of Austria

Leopold V, Archduke of Austria (October 9, 1586 Graz-September 13, 1632 Schwaz) was an Austrian personality. He had four children, Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria, Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria, Archduchess Isabella Clara of Austria and Maria Leopoldine of Austria.

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Archduke Leo Karl of Austria

Archduke Leo Karl of Austria (July 5, 1893 Pula-April 28, 1939 Bestwina) was an Austrian military officer. He had one child, Count Leo Stefan of Habsburg.

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Emil Weyr

Emil Weyr (July 1, 1848 Prague-January 25, 1894 Vienna) was an Austrian mathematician.

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