Austrian musicians died at 55

Here are 14 famous musicians from Austria died at 55:

Hugo von Hofmannsthal

Hugo von Hofmannsthal (February 1, 1874 Landstraße-July 15, 1929 Vienna) also known as Hugo Hofmannsthal or Hofmannsthal, Hugo von was an Austrian writer, novelist, librettist, poet and playwright.

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Otto Rank

Otto Rank (April 22, 1884 Vienna-October 31, 1939 New York City) was an Austrian psychologist and psychoanalyst.

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Karl Emil Franzos

Karl Emil Franzos (October 25, 1848 Chortkiv-January 28, 1904 Berlin) was an Austrian writer, novelist and journalist.

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Rudolf Maria Holzapfel

Rudolf Maria Holzapfel (April 26, 1874 Kraków-February 8, 1930 Muri bei Bern) was an Austrian psychologist and philosopher.

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Carl Nicoladoni

Carl Nicoladoni (April 23, 1847 Vienna-December 4, 1902 Vienna) otherwise known as Dr. Carl Nicoladoni was an Austrian physician and surgeon.

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Ernst Wertheim

Ernst Wertheim (February 21, 1864 Graz-February 15, 1920 Vienna) also known as Dr. Ernst Wertheim was an Austrian physician.

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Hedwig von Trapp

Hedwig von Trapp (July 28, 1917 Zell am See-September 14, 1972 Zell am See) also known as Hedwig Maria Adolphine Gobertina von Trapp was an Austrian singer.

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Simion Bărnuțiu

Simion Bărnuțiu (July 21, 1808 Bocșa, Sălaj-May 28, 1864 Sânmihaiu Almașului) also known as Simion Barnutiu was an Austrian journalist and philosopher.

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Nachman Krochmal

Nachman Krochmal (February 17, 1785 Brody-July 31, 1840 Ternopil) was an Austrian philosopher and rabbi.

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Hugo Meisl

Hugo Meisl (November 16, 1881 Malešov-February 17, 1937 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Franz Schreker

Franz Schreker (March 23, 1878 Monaco-March 21, 1934 Berlin) a.k.a. Schreker, Franz was an Austrian opera composer, conductor and composer.

His most recognized albums: Der ferne Klang (RIAS Kammerchor und Rundfunkchor Berlin & Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin feat. conductor: Gerd Albrecht), , , Lieder (feat. baritone: Andreas Schmidt, soprano: Noëmi Nadelmann, piano: Adrian Baianu), , and . Genres he performed include Opera.

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Archduke Anton Victor of Austria

Archduke Anton Victor of Austria (August 31, 1779 Florence-April 2, 1835 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Carl Heissler

Carl Heissler (January 18, 1823-November 13, 1878) also known as Karl Heissler was an Austrian violinist and violist.

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Constantin von Economo

Constantin von Economo (August 21, 1876 Brăila-October 21, 1931 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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