Austrian musicians died at 65

Here are 17 famous musicians from Austria died at 65:

Gustav Schwarzenegger

Gustav Schwarzenegger (August 17, 1907 Austria-Hungary-December 13, 1972 Weiz) was an Austrian police officer, soldier and postal worker. His children are called Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meinhard Schwarzenegger.

He died caused by stroke.

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Rudolph Schindler

Rudolph Schindler (September 10, 1887 Vienna-August 22, 1953 Los Angeles) was an Austrian architect.

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Erich Kleiber

Erich Kleiber (August 5, 1890 Vienna-January 27, 1956 Zürich) was an Austrian conductor. He had one child, Carlos Kleiber.

Discography: Symphony no. 2 in B minor, Symphonies 3 & 5 and Symphony Nr. 1 / Symphony Nr. 2.

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Jean Améry

Jean Améry (October 31, 1912 Vienna-October 17, 1978 Salzburg) a.k.a. Jean Amery, Hanns Chaim Mayer or Jean Améry was an Austrian writer.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Otto Herschmann

Otto Herschmann (January 4, 1877 Vienna-June 14, 1942 Izbica) was an Austrian swimmer.

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Anton Dominik Fernkorn

Anton Dominik Fernkorn (March 17, 1813 Erfurt-November 16, 1878 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Heinrich von Bamberger

Heinrich von Bamberger (December 27, 1822-November 9, 1888 Vienna) a.k.a. Dr. Heinrich von Bamberger was an Austrian physician.

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Liese Prokop

Liese Prokop (March 27, 1941 Tulln District-December 31, 2006 Sankt Pölten) also known as Liese Prokop-Sykora was an Austrian politician.

She died caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Ottokar Chiari

Ottokar Chiari (February 1, 1853 Prague-May 12, 1918 Puchberg am Schneeberg) a.k.a. Dr. Ottokar Chiari was an Austrian physician.

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Matthias Kaburek

Matthias Kaburek (February 9, 1911 Vienna-February 17, 1976) was an Austrian personality.

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Johann Horvath

Johann Horvath (May 20, 1903 Austria-Hungary-July 30, 1968) was an Austrian personality.

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Ignaz von Seyfried

Ignaz von Seyfried (August 15, 1776 Vienna-August 27, 1841 Vienna) was an Austrian conductor.

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Guido Goldschmiedt

Guido Goldschmiedt (May 29, 1850 Trieste-August 6, 1915 Gainfarn) was an Austrian chemist.

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Norbert Jokl

Norbert Jokl (February 25, 1877 Bzenec-May 1, 1942) was an Austrian personality.

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Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria

Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria (June 14, 1529 Linz-January 24, 1595) was an Austrian personality. He had three children, Anna of Tyrol, Margrave Andrew of Burgau and Charles, Margrave of Burgau.

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Monica Bleibtreu

Monica Bleibtreu (May 4, 1944 Vienna-May 13, 2009 Hamburg) a.k.a. Monika Bleibtreu was an Austrian actor, screenwriter and professor. She had one child, Moritz Bleibtreu.

She died in lung cancer.

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Franz West

Franz West (February 16, 1947 Vienna-July 25, 2012) was an Austrian artist and visual artist.

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