Austrian music stars deceased in Suicide

Here are 3 famous musicians from Austria died in Suicide:

Georg Tintner

Georg Tintner (May 22, 1917 Vienna-October 2, 1999 Halifax Regional Municipality) otherwise known as Tintner, Georg was an Austrian conductor.

His albums include Symphony no. 5, Symphony No. 3 in D minor (Royal Scottish National Orchestra feat. conductor: Georg Tintner) and Symphony no. 7.

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 Braunau am Inn-April 30, 1945 Berlin) also known as Hitler, Adolf Schicklgruber, Adolph Hitler, Der F├╝hrer, Wolf or Adolf Hiedler was an Austrian politician, writer, artist, soldier and visual artist. His child is called Jean-Marie Loret.

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Josef Weinheber

Josef Weinheber (March 9, 1892 Vienna-April 8, 1945 Kirchstetten) a.k.a. Weinheber, Josef was an Austrian writer.

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