Belgian actors who were born in 1970

Here are 8 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1970:

Werner De Smedt

Werner De Smedt (July 17, 1970 Ninove-) is a Belgian actor.

Mathias Sercu

Mathias Sercu (December 22, 1970 Ardooie-) also known as Matthias Sercu is a Belgian writer, actor and singer. He has two children, Jade Sercu and Tore Sercu.

Jonathan Zaccaï

Jonathan Zaccaï (July 22, 1970 Brussels-) also known as Jonathan Zaccai is a Belgian actor, film director and screenwriter.

Pascal Duquenne

Pascal Duquenne (August 8, 1970 Vilvoorde-) is a Belgian actor.

Eddy Van Hamersveld

Eddy Van Hamersveld (March 11, 1970 Deurne, Belgium-) also known as The Philosopher is a Belgian film director, actor, film producer and film editor.

Dieter Troubleyn

Dieter Troubleyn (February 15, 1970 Borgerhout-) is a Belgian actor, model, singer, voice actor and writer. His children are called Malena Troubleyn and Annette Troubleyn.

Gunter Lamoot

Gunter Lamoot (August 13, 1970 Ostend-) is a Belgian actor.

Lionel Bourguet

Lionel Bourguet (November 7, 1970 Uccle-) is a Belgian actor.

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