Croatian movie actors born in the year 1969

Here are 6 famous actors from Croatia were born in 1969:

Mladen Vulic

Mladen Vulic (September 1, 1969 Vinkovci-) a.k.a. Mladen Vulić or Mladen Vuliæ is a Croatian actor.

Ivan Salaj

Ivan Salaj (November 4, 1969 Zagreb-) is a Croatian screenwriter, actor and film director.

Vedran Mlikota

Vedran Mlikota (July 31, 1969 Zagvozd-) is a Croatian actor.

Tihomir Lerner

Tihomir Lerner (June 3, 1969 Vinkovci-) otherwise known as Tim Lerner is a Croatian actor.

Vjekoslav Jankovic

Vjekoslav Jankovic (March 12, 1969 Vrbanja, Croatia-) is a Croatian actor.

Mario Mirkovic

Mario Mirkovic (December 17, 1969 Zagreb-) also known as Milan Mirkovic is a Croatian actor.

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