Dutch musicians who were born in 1969

Here are 9 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1969:

Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer (September 19, 1969 Amsterdam-) also known as Candy Duffer, Candy Dufler or Dulfer, Candy is a Dutch musician, actor and television producer.

Her albums: Saxuality, Live in Amsterdam, For the Love of You, Golden Sax, Heavenly City, Live at Montreux 2002, Right in My Soul, Saxuality, The Best of Candy Dulfer and Big Girl. Genres she performed: Funk, Smooth jazz and Nu jazz.

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Erick E

Erick E (September 20, 1969 Netherlands-) otherwise known as Ericke E, DJ Erick E, Eric E, Erick Eerdhuijzen, Ericke or Erick is a Dutch disc jockey and record producer.

His discography includes: The Beat Is Rockin', Amsterjam, Mega Music Dance Experience: clubQuarium and Boogie Down / Midnight Magic. Genres related to him: Dance music and Techno.

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Carlo Boszhard

Carlo Boszhard (June 26, 1969 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch impersonator, actor, television director, screenwriter, singer and television presenter.

Discography: Het beste uit 10 jaar Telekids, Pittige Tijden and Telekids.

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Tiësto (January 17, 1969 Breda-) a.k.a. Tys Verwest, Thijs Verwest, Allure, Tiësto & Allure Allure, Tiesto pres. Allure, DJ Tiesto Presents Allure, Tiesto presents Allure, DJ Tiësto, DJ Tiesto, Tiesto, DJ Tïesto, DJ Testo, Tijs Verwest, Maxi Jazz & Tiësto, Tiesto pres. Allure feat. Julie Thompson, Tijs Michiel Verwest, DJ Tiesta, Triësto, Steve Forte Rio, Rio, Steve Forte, Da Joker, DJ Limited, Drumfire, Handover Circuit, Passenger, Roze, Stray Dog, Tom Ace, Wild Bunch, TST or DJ Tiësto - Tijs Verwest is a Dutch disc jockey, record producer, electronic musician, musician and film score composer.

His albums include Best & New 2005, In My Memory > Remixes, Theme From Norefjell, Traffic, Break My Fall, In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, In the Dark, Lethal Industry / Flight 643 (Richard Durand Remixes), Live at Sensation and Sweet Things. His related genres: Trance music, Progressive house, Techno, Electronica, Electronic dance music, House music, Drum and bass, Downtempo, Neo-trance, Hardcore, Electro house and Vocal trance.

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Ruud de Wild

Ruud de Wild (April 24, 1969 Hilversum-) a.k.a. Rudolf Alexander de Wild or Wild, de, Ruud is a Dutch radio personality, vj and disc jockey. His children are called Toy Travis de Wild, Johnny Johnny Otto de Wild and Teddy Mouna de Wild.

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Martyn LeNoble

Martyn LeNoble (April 14, 1969 Vlaardingen-) also known as Martijn LeNoble, Jane's Addiction or Martyn Le Noble is a Dutch bassist and musician. His child is called Sadie Grace LeNoble.

Genres he performed: Punk rock.

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Jeroen van Veen

Jeroen van Veen (May 2, 1969 Herwen-) also known as Veen, van, Jeroen is a Dutch , .

His albums: Minimal Piano Collection, Holt: Neither Shadow nor Prey / Pärt: Hymn to a Great City, Minimal Piano Works, Volume II, , Waves: The Piano Collection, Complete Music for Piano Four-Hands and Minimal Piano Collection, Volume X-XX.

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Hans Rutten

Hans Rutten (June 3, 1969 Nijmegen-) also known as Rutten, Hans is a Dutch , .

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Guusje Nederhorst

Guusje Nederhorst (February 4, 1969 Amsterdam-January 29, 2004 The Hague) also known as Barbara Augustine Nederhorst, Nederhorst, Guusje, Barbara Augustine "Guusje" Woesthoff-Nederhorst or Guusje Barbara Augustine Nederhorst was a Dutch actor.

Related albums: Woezel en Pip: Sinterklaasliedjes!.

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