English musicians born in 1971

Here are 45 famous musicians from England were born in 1971:

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg (July 21, 1971 London-) also known as Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg, 샤를로뜨 갱스부르 or 샬롯 갱스부르 is an English singer and actor. She has three children, Joe Attal, Alice Attal and Ben Attal.

Her albums: Charlotte for Ever, The Songs That We Sing, 5:55, 5:55: The Remixes, IRM, Sunset Sound Session, Sunset Sound EP, Heaven Can Wait, In the End and Stage Whisper. Genres: French pop music, Folk rock and Electro.

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Claire Sweeney

Claire Sweeney (April 17, 1971 Walton, Liverpool-) also known as Claire Jane Sweeney or Sweeney, Claire is an English presenter and actor.

Her albums: Claire. Her related genres: Pop music.

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Karen Poole

Karen Poole (January 8, 1971 Chadwell Heath-) a.k.a. Poole, Karen is an English singer and songwriter.

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Joby Talbot

Joby Talbot (August 25, 1971 Wimbledon-) a.k.a. Talbot or Talbot, Joby is an English film score composer and composer.

His albums include Once Around the Sun, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Son of Rambow, , Genus, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Fool's Paradise and Closed Circuit.

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Rachel Goswell

Rachel Goswell (May 16, 1971 Fareham-) also known as Goswell, Rachel is an English singer, musician and songwriter.

Related albums: The Sleep Shelter EP and Waves Are Universal. Her related genres: Folk rock, Shoegazing, Dream pop, Indie pop and Experimental rock.

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Max Beesley

Max Beesley (April 16, 1971 Burnage-) also known as Maxton Gig Beesley, Jr., Maxton Beesley, Max Beesley, Jr., Maxton Gig Beesley Jr. or Maxton Gig "Max" Beesley, Jr. is an English actor and musician.

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Paul Winterhart

Paul Winterhart (September 19, 1971 Hammersmith-) otherwise known as Paul Winter-Hart or Winter-Hart, Paul is an English musician and drummer.

Genres he performed: Psychedelia, Rock music, Alternative rock and Psychedelic rock.

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Jimmy Constable

Jimmy Constable (September 21, 1971 Toxteth-) is an English singer.

Genres he performed: Pop music and Dance-pop.

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Billie Myers

Billie Myers (June 14, 1971 Coventry-) a.k.a. Billy Myers, Billie Meyers or Myers, Billie is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Growing Pains, Tell Me, Am I Here Yet? (Return To Sender), Vertigo, Tea & Sympathy, Tea and Sympathy and Kiss the Rain. Genres she performed include Pop music, Rock music and Pop rock.

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Steven Houghton

Steven Houghton (February 16, 1971 Sheffield-) a.k.a. Houghton, Steven, Steve Houghton or Stephen Houghton is an English singer and actor.

Discography: Steven Houghton. His related genres: Easy listening.

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Robin Blaze

Robin Blaze (January 11, 1971 Manchester-) a.k.a. Blaze, Robin is an English singer.

His albums include Songs, Lutheran Masses, Volume 1, Anthems by Orlando Gibbons and Cantatas, Volume 37.

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Simon Scott

Simon Scott (March 3, 1971 Cambridge-) also known as Scott, Simon is an English , .

His albums: Traba, Navigare, Depart, Depart, Silenne, Bunny, Below Sea Level and Conformists. Genres: Alternative rock, Shoegazing, Electronic music, Dream pop, Post-rock, Electronica and Indie rock.

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Richard Dickon Edwards

Richard Dickon Edwards (September 3, 1971-) also known as Dickon Angel, Dickon Edwards or Edwards, Dickon is an English artist and music artist.

Genres: Indie pop.

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Nyle Wolfe

Nyle Wolfe (October 1, 1971 Southampton-) is an English singer.

Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Jonny Greenwood

Jonny Greenwood (November 5, 1971 Oxford-) also known as Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood, Greenwood, Jonny, Jonathan or Jonathan Richard Guy "Jonny" Greenwood is an English musician, songwriter, composer, guitarist, organist, film score composer, actor and multi-instrumentalist. He has three children, Tamir Greenwood, Zohar Greenwood and Omri Greenwood.

His albums: Bodysong, There Will Be Blood, Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller, Bodysong: Extras From the Film, , , The Master: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima / Popcorn Superhet Receiver / Polymorphia / 48 Responses to Polymorphia, From Here On Out and St. Carolyn by the Sea / Suite From "There Will Be Blood". His related genres: Alternative rock, Electronic music, Ambient music, Soundtrack, Art rock, Classical music, Experimental rock and Electronica.

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Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams (August 16, 1971 Reading-) a.k.a. Williams, Adrian is an English , .

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Sonia (February 13, 1971 Skelmersdale-) a.k.a. Sonia Evans is an English singer.

Her discography includes: Listen to Your Heart, Almost Chocolate, Everybody Knows, Tenchi Muyo! Sonia Wonderland, Sonia, Better the Devil You Know, Greatest Hits, Love Train – The Philly Album, You'll Never Stop Me Loving You and Hopelessly Devoted to You. Her related genres: Pop music.

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Baxter Dury

Baxter Dury (December 18, 1971 Wingrave-) also known as Dury, Baxter is an English singer.

His most well known albums: Len Parrot's Memorial Lift, Floorshow, Gingham Smalls 2 / Lucifer's Grain, Love in the Garden, Oscar Brown, Happy Soup, , and It's a Pleasure. Genres: Pop music, Rock music and Shoegazing.

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Tim Scott

Tim Scott (September 21, 1971 Hazel Grove-) a.k.a. Timothy David Scott or Tim David Scott is an English musician, guitarist, record producer and composer.

His albums include Guitar Mashing, Bald on the Inside and Ibiza Mayhem 2012. Genres: Dance music, Jazz, Pop music, Latin American music, House music, Funk, Rock music, Flamenco, Blues, Instrumental, Jazz fusion, Pop rock, Classical music, Latin Language, Fusion, Experimental music and Guitar Mashing.

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Justin Chancellor

Justin Chancellor (November 19, 1971 England-) also known as Chancellor, Justin or Justin Gunnar Walter Chancellor is an English musician and bassist.

Genres he performed include Progressive metal, Progressive rock and Alternative metal.

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Mark Morriss

Mark Morriss (October 18, 1971 Hounslow-) a.k.a. Morriss, Mark is an English singer and songwriter.

His albums include Memory Muscle, Fi-Low Beddow EP, I'm Sick, Lay Low and A Flash of Darkness. Genres he performed: Indie rock, Alternative rock and Britpop.

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Chris Helme

Chris Helme (July 22, 1971 York-) also known as Helme, Chris is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Britpop and Folk music.

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Peter Salisbury

Peter Salisbury (September 24, 1971 Bath-) also known as Salisbury, Peter or Peter Anthony Salisbury is an English drummer and musician.

Genres: Alternative rock, Shoegazing and Psychedelic rock.

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Rowan Robertson

Rowan Robertson (November 22, 1971 Cambridge-) also known as Robertson, Rowan is an English , .

Genres he performed include Hard rock and Heavy metal.

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John Partridge

John Partridge (July 24, 1971 Radcliffe-) also known as Johnny Partridge is an English singer, actor, presenter and dancer.

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Alex Griffin

Alex Griffin (August 29, 1971 Wall Heath-) is an English , .

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Tony McCarroll

Tony McCarroll (June 4, 1971 Levenshulme-) otherwise known as McCarroll, Tony, Anthony McCarroll or Tony is an English drummer and musician.

Genres related to him: Classic rock, British rock, Britpop, Rock music and Alternative rock.

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Paul McGuigan

Paul McGuigan (May 9, 1971 Barton-upon-Irwell-) a.k.a. McGuigan, Paul, Guigsy or Paul Francis McGuigan is an English musician, bassist and disc jockey.

Genres: Rock music, Britpop and Alternative rock.

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LSK (July 26, 1971 England-) a.k.a. Leigh Stephen Kenny is an English , .

Discography: Outlaw. Genres he performed include Reggae and Hip hop music.

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Richard Payne

Richard Payne (January 1, 1971-) otherwise known as Payne, Richard is an English musician, keyboard player and guitarist.

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Matt Pegg

Matt Pegg (March 27, 1971-) a.k.a. Matthew Pegg is an English guitarist.

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Roger McKenzie

Roger McKenzie (July 22, 1971 Southampton-November 25, 1995) a.k.a. Wildchild, Wild Child, The Wildchild Experience, Wildchild Experiance, Bitch, Buffalo Soldier or Wildchild Experience, The was an English musician and disc jockey.

His albums include Bad Boy, Jump to My Beat, Legends of the Dark Black, Part 2, Bad Boy Come Again: Soundclash, Volume 3, Bad Boy: Soundclash, Volume 1, Comin Tru: Soundclash, Volume 2, The Throwdown, 1/2 Step EP, Wildtrax, Volume 1 and Renegade Master. Genres: Electronica, Electronic dance music and House music.

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Fraser T Smith

Fraser T Smith (February 8, 1971 Buckinghamshire-) a.k.a. Fraser T. Smith is an English musician, record producer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music, Dance-pop, Contemporary R&B, Hip hop music and Progressive rock.

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Richard Smith

Richard Smith (December 12, 1971 Beckenham-) also known as Smith, Richard is an English musician and guitarist.

His albums: Living Out a Dream and . Genres he performed include Folk music, Bluegrass, Country, Gypsy jazz, Western swing and Classical music.

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Geoff Barrow

Geoff Barrow (December 9, 1971 Walton in Gordano-) also known as Barrow, Geoff, Geoffrey Paul Barrow, G.B. or Geoff Barrow is an English musician, songwriter, actor, record producer, composer and disc jockey.

His albums: Drokk: Music Inspired by Mega-City One.

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Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan (December 27, 1971 Chelmsford-) otherwise known as Govan, Guthrie is an English guitarist.

His most well known albums: Erotic Cakes. Genres related to him: Blues, Rock music, Progressive rock, Jazz fusion, Funk, Techno, Bluegrass, Country and Heavy metal.

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Darren Emerson

Darren Emerson (April 30, 1971 Hornchurch-) also known as Emerson, Darren or Emerson is an English disc jockey and record producer.

His albums include Global Underground 015: Darren Emerson in Uruguay, Global Underground 020: Darren Emerson in Singapore, Global Underground 036: Darren Emerson in Bogotá, Decisions, Hard for Slow, , Scorchio, Underwater Episode 1, Gracelands and Cream Separates: The Collection. His related genres: House music, Techno, Progressive house and Trance music.

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Grant Nelson

Grant Nelson (April 27, 1971 London-) also known as Nelson, Grant, Knups, Tae, Wishdokta, Bump & Flex, Bump 'n' Flex, Bump and Flex, The Grant Nelson Project, Grant Nelson Project, The, Nu Rhythmix, Nu Rythmics, Nu Rhytmix, The Rhythm Construction Co. or Ground 96 is an English , .

His most well known albums: Volume 1, Long Time Coming and Want Your Love / Rave Is a Mystery. Genres he performed: House music, UK Garage, Happy hardcore, Hardcore, Electronica and Drum and bass.

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Rebecca Carrington

Rebecca Carrington (January 17, 1971 Epsom-) is an English , .

Discography: Me and my cello.

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Nigel Powell

Nigel Powell (October 1, 1971 Bromley-) a.k.a. Powell, Nigel is an English , .

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Max Graham

Max Graham (April 17, 1971 London-) a.k.a. Graham, Max is an English disc jockey and record producer.

His albums: Cream CD 2, I Know You're Gone, Shoreline / Bar None, Shine, So Caught Up, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Transport 4, Sun in the Winter, Max Graham Presents Cycles 4 and Airtight. Genres: Progressive house, Trance music, House music, Electronica and Techno.

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Shawn Harvey

Shawn Harvey (September 2, 1971 Plymouth-) is an English singer-songwriter.

Genres he performed include Blues and Rockabilly.

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Simon Katz

Simon Katz (May 16, 1971 Nottingham-) is an English record producer, songwriter and musician.

His related genres: Reggae, Contemporary R&B, Disco, Acid jazz and Funk.

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Chris Willsher

Chris Willsher (January 11, 1971 Ilford-) is an English singer, musician, writer, singer-songwriter and promoter.

Genres he performed: Punk rock, Cabaret, Anarcho-punk and Alternative rock.

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Nigel Hitchcock

Nigel Hitchcock (January 4, 1971 Rustington-) is an English musician and saxophonist.

Genres he performed: Jazz and Pop music.

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