Belgian musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 9 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1976:

Udo Mechels

Udo Mechels (May 10, 1976 Brussels-) also known as Udo is a Belgian singer.

His albums include .

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Regi Penxten

Regi Penxten (March 4, 1976 Hasselt-) also known as Penxten, Regi or Regi is a Belgian record producer, disc jockey and songwriter.

His albums include In the Mix, Volume 7, Registrated 2, Registrated, Night and Day, Runaway, Punish (Remix), In the Mix, Volume 5, In the Mix, Volume 8, In the Mix, Volume 4 and Hang On.

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Danzel (November 9, 1976 Beveren-) also known as Johan Waem is a Belgian singer and musician.

His discography includes: The Name of the Jam, Put Your Hands Up in the Air!, You Are All of That, Home Again, Pump It Up and Unlocked. Genres: Dance music, Pop music, House music and Techno.

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Vanessa Chinitor

Vanessa Chinitor (October 13, 1976 Dendermonde-) also known as Chinitor, Vanessa is a Belgian singer.

Her albums include Like the Wind. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn (June 18, 1976-) otherwise known as Sabrina Tack or Lynn, Laura is a Belgian , .

Discography: Dromen, Goud Limited Edition, Rode rozen in de sneeuw, Duetten and ALS JE DAN EVEN IN JE HANDEN KLAPT. Her related genres: Levenslied.

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Mario Barravecchia

Mario Barravecchia (November 16, 1976 Saint-Nicolas, Belgium-) a.k.a. Barravecchia, Mario is a Belgian actor and singer.

His albums: Mario Barravecchiaā€ˇ and . His related genres: Pop music.

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Jasper Steverlinck

Jasper Steverlinck (April 30, 1976 Belgium-) also known as Jasper Stervelinck is a Belgian singer, composer and actor.

Discography: Life on Mars, Songs of Innocence and Let Her Down Easy. Genres: Pop music.

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Bent Van Looy

Bent Van Looy (May 3, 1976 Ghent-) is a Belgian singer-songwriter and drummer.

His albums include Round the Bend. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Jessy (July 8, 1976 Zottegem-) also known as Jessy De Smet is a Belgian singer.

Related albums: Rain, How Long, Look at Me Now, Dancing in the Dark, Over You, The Ultimate Jessy (Best Of 1995-2012), Nothing At All and .

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