Spanish movie actors born in the year 1926

Here are 5 famous actors from Spain were born in 1926:

Francisco Rabal

Francisco Rabal (March 8, 1926 Águilas-August 29, 2001 Bordeaux) also known as Francisco Rabal Valera, Paco Rabal, Paco or Francisco Valera was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director and voice actor. He had two children, Benito Rabal and Teresa Rabal.

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Antonio Molino Rojo

Antonio Molino Rojo (September 14, 1926 Venta de Baños-November 2, 2011 Barcelona) also known as Tony Chandler, Antonio Rojo, Red Mills, A. Molino Rojo, Molino Rojo, Antonio Molino or Molino Rocho was a Spanish actor, film director and film producer.

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Luis Miguel Dominguín

Luis Miguel Dominguín (November 9, 1926 Madrid-May 8, 1996 San Roque) otherwise known as Luis Miguel Gonzalez Lucas, Luis Dominguin or Luis Miguel Dominguin was a Spanish torero and actor. He had three children, Miguel Bosé, Lucía Dominguín and Paola Dominguín.

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José Sazatornil

José Sazatornil (August 13, 1926 Barcelona-) also known as Josep Sazatornil 'Saza', José 'Saza', Jose Saza, Saza, José Sazatornil Buendía, Jose Sazatornil 'Saza', José Sazatornil 'Saza', Jose Sazatornil "Saza" or Sazatornill is a Spanish actor.

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Mariano Ozores

Mariano Ozores (October 5, 1926 Madrid-) a.k.a. Mariano Ozores Puchol is a Spanish screenwriter, film director and actor.

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