Belgian musicians who were born in 1978

Here are 6 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1978:

Tim Driesen

Tim Driesen (June 22, 1978 Antwerp-) is a Belgian singer-songwriter, actor, pianist, composer and dancer.

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Linda Mertens

Linda Mertens (July 20, 1978 Wilrijk-) is a Belgian singer.

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Kathleen Aerts

Kathleen Aerts (June 18, 1978 Geel-) also known as Aerts, Kathleen, K3, Kathleen or Kathelijne Elisabeth Maria Aerts is a Belgian presenter, actor and singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Xandee (December 18, 1978-) a.k.a. Sandy Boets is a Belgian singer.

Her most important albums: 1 Life and 1 Life. Her related genres: Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Veerle Casteleyn

Veerle Casteleyn (March 6, 1978 Belgium-) also known as Casteleyn, Veerle is a Belgian ballet dancer.

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Annemie Coenen

Annemie Coenen (July 14, 1978 Herk-de-Stad-) a.k.a. Coenen, Annemie is a Belgian singer.

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