Belgian music stars who deceased at age 49

Here are 7 famous musicians from Belgium died at 49:

Jan Engels

Jan Engels (May 11, 1922 Sint-Genesius-Rode-April 17, 1972 Heverlee) was a Belgian professional road racing cyclist.

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Jules Buysse

Jules Buysse (August 13, 1901 Deinze-December 31, 1950) was a Belgian personality.

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Albert Van Vlierberghe

Albert Van Vlierberghe (March 18, 1942 Belsele-December 20, 1991 Sint-Niklaas) was a Belgian personality.

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Marcel Buysse

Marcel Buysse (November 11, 1889 Deinze-October 3, 1939 Ghent) was a Belgian personality.

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Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel (April 8, 1929 Schaerbeek-October 9, 1978 Bobigny) also known as Jaques Brel, Jacques Romain Georges Brel or Abbé Brel was a Belgian actor, singer-songwriter, film score composer, film director and screenwriter. He had three children, Chantal Brel, Isabelle Brel and France Brel.

His most recognized albums: Au printemps, La valse à mille temps, Enregistrement Public à l'Olympia 1961, Les bourgeois, Les Vieux, Ces gens-là, Ne me quitte pas, Les Marquises, De 24 grootste successen and Jacques Brel, Volume 1. His related genres: Chanson.

He died as a result of pulmonary embolism.

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Henri Xhonneux

Henri Xhonneux (June 12, 1945 Eupen-March 24, 1995 Uccle) otherwise known as Joseph W. Rental or Henri Mathieu Ghislain Xhonneux was a Belgian screenwriter and film director.

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Jules Anspach

Jules Anspach (July 20, 1829 Brussels-May 19, 1879 Etterbeek) was a Belgian politician.

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