Brazilian movie actors born in the year 1979

Here are 13 famous actors from Brazil were born in 1979:

André Marques

André Marques (September 24, 1979 Recife-) a.k.a. André Almeida Sousa Marques is a Brazilian actor and presenter.

Matheus Rocha

Matheus Rocha (March 13, 1979 Salvador-) otherwise known as Matheus da Rocha or Matheus da Rocha Pereira is a Brazilian cinematographer, film editor, actor, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

Paulo Vilhena

Paulo Vilhena (January 3, 1979 Santos, São Paulo-) also known as Paulo Eduardo Oliveira de Vilhena Moraes, Alemão or Paulinho Vilhena is a Brazilian actor.

Paulo Henrique Caruso

Paulo Henrique Caruso (October 9, 1979 São Paulo-) also known as Paulo Caruso or Paulo Caruso Gómez is a Brazilian actor.

Júlio Rocha

Júlio Rocha (October 22, 1979 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Julio Rocha, Julio Cesar Rocha da Costa Porto or Julio Cesar Rocha is a Brazilian actor.

Babu Santana

Babu Santana (December 10, 1979 Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. Alexandre Santana is a Brazilian actor.

Guile Branco

Guile Branco (June 17, 1979 São Paulo-) otherwise known as Guil Branco or Guilherme Branco Freitas is a Brazilian actor, film producer, screenwriter, bodybuilder, film editor and film director.

Terrick Guindy

Terrick Guindy (February 15, 1979 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor.

Leonardo Carvalho

Leonardo Carvalho (May 15, 1979 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Leonardo Torloni Carvalho is a Brazilian actor.

Arlindo Lopes

Arlindo Lopes (March 7, 1979 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian actor.

Érico Brás

Érico Brás (March 5, 1979 Salvador-) is a Brazilian actor.

Bruno Sutter

Bruno Sutter (June 13, 1979 Petrópolis-) also known as Detonator or Bruno Alexandre Sutter de Lima is a Brazilian singer, musician, actor and comedian.

Dan Nakagawa

Dan Nakagawa (March 7, 1979 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian actor and singer.

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