Famous musicians born in the year 1905

Here are 50 famous musicians from the world were born in 1905:

Michael Tippett

Michael Tippett (January 2, 1905 Eastcote-January 8, 1998 London) also known as Michael Kemp Tippet, Tippett, Michael or Sir Michael Tippet was an English composer and conductor.

His albums: Concerto for Double String Orchestra \ Corelli Fantasia (Academy of St Martin-in-the-fields feat. conductor: Sir Neville Marriner), Symphonies 1-4 / Suite form "New Year" (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor Richard Hickox) (disc 1), Triple Concerto; Concerto for Orchestra (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor Richard Hickox), A Child of Our Time (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), Piano Concerto / Ritual Dances, The Knot Garden / A Child of Our Time, A Child of Our Time, Tippett Conducts Tippett (Scottish Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: Sir Michael Tippett), Piano Concerto / Fantasia on a Theme of Handel / Piano Sonatas (BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Martyn Brabbins, piano: Steven Osborne) and The English Connection. Genres he performed: 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Red Nichols

Red Nichols (May 8, 1905 Ogden-June 28, 1965 Las Vegas) was an American trumpeter.

His albums: Jazz Time, New York Jazz in the Roaring Twenties, Volume 2, The Chronological Classics: Red Nichols 1925-1927, The Chronological Classics: Red Nichols 1929, The Chronological Classics: Red Nichols 1929-1930, The Chronological Classics: Red Nichols 1927-1928, The Chronological Classics: Red Nichols 1928-1929, The Chronological Classics: Red Nichols 1930-1931, Jazz Greats, Volume 75: Red Nichols: Five Pennies and The Ultimate Jazz Collection (1927-1949). Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Tommy McClennan

Tommy McClennan (January 4, 1905 Durant-May 9, 1961 Chicago) also known as Tommy McClennon, Tommy McLennan or McClennan, Tommy was an American singer and musician.

His most important albums: Cross Cut Saw Blues / You Can't Read My Mind. Genres: Delta blues, Blues and Country blues.

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Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter (January 12, 1905 Murvaul-January 2, 1974 Nashville) a.k.a. Woodward Maurice Ritter or America's Most Beloved Cowboy was an American actor and singer. His children are John Ritter and Tom Ritter.

His discography includes: The Best of Tex Ritter, Blood on the Saddle, Have I Stayed Away Too Long, High Noon, Gunsmoke / Remember the Alamo and Greatest Hits. Genres he performed: Country and Western music.

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Marc Blitzstein

Marc Blitzstein (March 2, 1905 Philadelphia-January 22, 1964 Fort-de-France) also known as Mark Blitzstein, Blitzstein, Marc or Marcus Samuel Blitzstein was an American composer.

His albums include Juno (original Broadway cast), No for an Answer (1941 original cast), The Cradle Will Rock (1994 Blank Theatre Company, Los Angeles cast), Regina (2/2), Regina (1/2), The Cradle Will Rock (Original 1985 Cast Recording), The Complete Works for Solo Piano, The Cradle Will Rock (disc 2, Side 3), Musical Theatre Premières and The Threepenny Opera (Die Dreigroschenoper). Genres he performed: Opera, Ballet and 20th-century classical music.

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Harold Arlen

Harold Arlen (February 15, 1905 Buffalo-April 23, 1986 New York City) also known as Hyman Arluck was an American songwriter, composer and film score composer.

His most important albums: Over the Rainbow: The Music of Harold Arlen, The Wizard of Oz (2001 Australian cast), The Best of Harold Arlen, House of Flowers (1954 original Broadway cast), Ill Wind / As Long as I Live, The Wizard of Oz, Harold Arlen Songbook: That Old Black Magic, The Wizard of Oz (1998 Madison Square Garden cast), Jamaica and Harold Sings Arlen (With Friend).

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Eduard Tubin

Eduard Tubin (June 18, 1905 Kallaste-November 17, 1982 Stockholm) also known as Tubin, Eduard was an Estonian composer and conductor.

Discography: Symphony no. 4 / Symphony no. 9 / Toccata, Symphony no. 3 / Symphony no. 8, Symphony no. 5 / Suite from the ballet "Kratt", Double Bass Concerto / Valse triste / Ballade for Violin and Orchestra / Violin Concerto no. 2 / Estonian Dance Suite, Requiem for Fallen Soldiers / Symphony no. 10, The Complete Piano Music, Sonata no. 2 in Phrygian Key / Ballade on a Theme of Mart Saar / Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano / The Retreating Soldier's Song / Ave Maria, , Sibelius: Symphony no. 2 in D major / Tubin: Symphony no. 5 in B minor and Estonia: Pärt, Tüür, Tubin. His related genres: Opera, 20th-century classical music and Ballet.

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Giacinto Scelsi

Giacinto Scelsi (January 8, 1905 La Spezia-August 9, 1988 Rome) also known as Scelsi, Giacinto was an Italian composer and poet.

His albums: Hurqualia / Hymnos / Chukrum (Orchestre de la Radio-Télévision de Cracovie feat. conductor: Jürg Wyttenbach), The Piano Works 1 (piano: Louise Bessette), Aion / Pfhat / Konx-Om-Pax (Orchestre Et Chœur De La radio-Télévision Polonaise De Cracovie feat. conductor: Jürg Wyttenbach), Giacinto Scelsi: Les cinq Quatuors Cordes, Trio Cordes, Khoom, Natura renovatur (Klangforum Wien, feat. conductor: Hans Zender), Music for Wind Instruments and Percussion, Chamber Works for Flute and Piano, Quattro pezzi per orchestra / Anahit / Uaxuctum (Orchestre et Chœur de la Radio-Télévision Polonaise de Cracovie feat. conductor: Jürg Wyttenbach), The Piano Works 3 (feat. piano: Aki Takahashi) and Preludi, Serie I-IV (Alessandra Ammara). Genres he performed: 20th-century classical music.

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Ivar Haglund

Ivar Haglund (March 21, 1905 Seattle-January 30, 1985 Seattle) was an American singer.

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Maria von Trapp

Maria von Trapp (January 26, 1905 Vienna-March 28, 1987 Morrisville) otherwise known as Maria Augusta von Trapp, Baroness Maria Augusta von Trapp, Maria Augusta Kutschera or Maria Augusta Trapp was an Austrian singer and governess. She had three children, Johannes von Trapp, Eleonore von Trapp and Rosemarie von Trapp.

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Alan Rawsthorne

Alan Rawsthorne (May 2, 1905 Haslingden-July 24, 1971 Cambridge) otherwise known as Rawsthorne, Alan was a British composer, pianist and film score composer.

His albums: Symphonies 1-3 (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: David Lloyd-Jones) and Violin Concertos Nos. 1 and 2. Genres: 20th-century classical music, Ballet and Chamber music.

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Pankaj Mullick

Pankaj Mullick (May 10, 1905 Kolkata-February 19, 1978 Kolkata) a.k.a. Pankaj Kumar Mullick or Shri Pankaj Kumar Mullick was an Indian singer, actor and film score composer.

His albums include . Genres he performed include Film score.

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Moses Asch

Moses Asch (December 2, 1905 Warsaw-October 19, 1986 New York City) was an American record producer.

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Elena Nicolai

Elena Nicolai (January 24, 1905 Lesichovo municipality-October 23, 1993 Milan) otherwise known as Stoyanka Savova Nikolova, Elena Nicolay or Elena Stojanka Savova Nikolova was a Bulgarian singer and actor.

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Tommy Benford

Tommy Benford (April 19, 1905 Charleston-March 24, 1994 Mount Vernon) also known as Benford, Tommy was an American musician.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Kansas Joe McCoy

Kansas Joe McCoy (May 11, 1905 Jackson-January 28, 1950 Chicago) also known as Joe McCoy, Kansas Joe or McCoy, Kansas Joe was an American singer, musician, songwriter and film score composer.

His albums include One in a Hundred, 1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 4: 1933-1934, 1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 2: 5 June 1930 to 30 January 1931, 1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 1: 18 June 1929 to 29 May 1930 and 1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 3: 30 January 1931 to 4 February 1932. Genres he performed include Blues and Delta blues.

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Kurt Herbert Adler

Kurt Herbert Adler (April 2, 1905 Vienna-February 9, 1988 Ross) was an American conductor and impresario.

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Albert E. Brumley

Albert E. Brumley (October 29, 1905 Spiro-November 15, 1977 Powell) a.k.a. Albert Brumley was an American singer, composer and music publisher.

Related albums: Two Old Friends. Genres he performed include Christian music.

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Fela Sowande

Fela Sowande (May 1, 1905 Abeokuta-March 13, 1987 Ravenna) a.k.a. Fęlá Şowándé or Şowándé, Fęlá was a Nigerian , .

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André Jolivet

André Jolivet (August 8, 1905 Paris-December 20, 1974 Paris) also known as Andre Jolivet or Jolivet, André was a French composer.

His most important albums: Les Enregistrements Erato, , , , and Mstislav Rostropovich Plays Cello Works by…. Genres he performed include Atonal music, 20th-century classical music, Chamber music, Incidental music, Opera, Ballet and Art song.

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Doc Cheatham

Doc Cheatham (June 13, 1905 Nashville-June 2, 1997 Washington, D.C.) also known as Cheatham, Doc was an American singer, bandleader, musician and trumpeter.

His albums include The 87 Years of Doc Cheatham, Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton, Jazz in Paris: Sammy Price and Doc Cheatham Play George Gershwin, Mental Strain at Dawn - A Modern Portrait of Louis Armstrong and Swinging Down in New Orleans. Genres he performed: Swing music, Dixieland and Big Band.

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John Henry Barbee

John Henry Barbee (November 14, 1905 Henning-November 3, 1964 Chicago) was an American singer.

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Ernst Hermann Meyer

Ernst Hermann Meyer (December 8, 1905 Berlin-October 8, 1988 Berlin) also known as Ernst Meyer, Prof. Ernst H. Meyer, E.H. Meyer or E. Meyer was a German film score composer.

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Louis Metcalf

Louis Metcalf (February 28, 1905 Webster Groves-October 27, 1981 Queens) was an American trumpeter and cornetist.

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Amos Easton

Amos Easton (May 7, 1905 Brunswick-June 8, 1968 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Bumble Bee Slim (Amos Easton) or Bumble Bee Slim was an American singer.

His most well known albums: From Georgia to Chicago 1931-1937 and Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 2: 23 March to 27 October 1934. Genres: Blues, Chicago blues and Piedmont blues.

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Frank C. Lynch-Staunton

Frank C. Lynch-Staunton (March 8, 1905 Pincher Creek-September 25, 1990 Edmonton) also known as Frank Lynch-Staunton was a Canadian politician.

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Larry Teal

Larry Teal (March 26, 1905-March 1, 1984) was an American , .

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Martin Rich

Martin Rich (October 8, 1905-March 1, 2015) was a German conductor.

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Bill Russell

Bill Russell (February 26, 1905 United States of America-August 9, 1992) was an American , .

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Paul Arma

Paul Arma (November 22, 1905 Budapest-November 28, 1987 Paris) also known as Imre Weisshaus was a composer and film score composer.

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Erich Zeisl

Erich Zeisl (May 18, 1905 Vienna-February 18, 1959 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Eric Zeisl was an Austrian film score composer.

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Elizabeth Poston

Elizabeth Poston (October 24, 1905 Hertfordshire-March 18, 1987) also known as Elisabeth Poston was an English , .

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Nicholas Brodszky

Nicholas Brodszky (April 20, 1905 Odessa-December 24, 1958 Hollywood) also known as Nicholas Brodszky, Nicholaus Brodsky, Miklós Brodszky, Nikolaus Brodszky, Nicholas "Slug" Brodszky, Nicholas Brodsky or Nicholas Brodzsky was a Russian composer and film score composer.

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Lebert Lombardo

Lebert Lombardo (February 11, 1905 London-June 16, 1993) also known as The Lombardo Brothers was a Canadian singer.

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Christian Darnton

Christian Darnton (October 30, 1905 Leeds-April 14, 1981) was an English , .

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Louis Kaufman

Louis Kaufman (May 10, 1905 Portland-February 9, 1994) was an American violinist.

His albums include Vivaldi: The Four Seasons.

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Louis Kentner

Louis Kentner (July 19, 1905-September 27, 1987) also known as Kentner, Louis was a Hungarian pianist.

His albums include Violin Sonatas and The 10 Violin Sonatas.

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Arthur Mendel

Arthur Mendel (June 6, 1905 Boston-October 14, 1979 Newark) was an American musicologist.

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Lesley Riddle

Lesley Riddle (June 13, 1905 Burnsville-July 13, 1980) otherwise known as Leslie Riddle or Riddle, Lesley was an American musician.

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Grahame Clifford

Grahame Clifford (December 25, 1905-January 26, 1984) was an English singer.

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Bob Wills

Bob Wills (March 6, 1905 Kosse-May 13, 1975 Fort Worth) a.k.a. Bob Willis, Wills, Bob, The King of Western Swing, James Robert Wills, Jim Rob, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys or Bob was an American songwriter, singer, fiddler and actor.

His albums include Columbia Historic Edition, 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bob Wills, 24 Greatest Hits, Anthology 1935-1973, Bob Wills Special, Greatest Hits, The Best of Bob Wills, The Bob Wills Anthology, The McKinney Sisters and The Tiffany Transcriptions, Volume 4. Genres: Western swing.

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Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey (November 19, 1905 Shenandoah-November 26, 1956 Greenwich) otherwise known as Thomas Francis Dorsey or Dorsey, Tommy was an American bandleader, trombonist, trumpeter and composer. He had two children, Catherine Susan Dorsey and Steve Dorsey.

His albums: The Best of Tommy Dorsey, That Sentimental Gentleman, A Portrait of Tommy Dorsey, Boogie Woogie, The Seventeen Number Ones, Tommy Dorsey: The Homefront 1941-1945, Greatest Hits, Planet Jazz: Tommy Dorsey, Quadromania Jazz Edition: Tommy Dorsey: Well Git It and Tommy Dorsey: The Early Jazz Sides: 1932 – 1937. Genres he performed include Swing music, Big Band and Jazz.

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Osvaldo Pugliese

Osvaldo Pugliese (December 2, 1905 Villa Crespo-July 25, 1995 Buenos Aires) also known as Osváldo Pugliese or Osvaldo Pedro Pugliese was an Argentine , . His child is Beba Pugliese.

Related albums: Osvaldo Pugliese con Sus Grandes Cantates, Ausencia, Nostálgico, Instrumentales inolvidables, Volume 2, Instrumentales inolvidables, Volume 3, A los amigos, Antología, Volume 6, Colección, Instrumentales inolvidables and Recuerdo 1944-1945.

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Meade Lux Lewis

Meade Lux Lewis (September 4, 1905 Chicago-June 7, 1964 Minneapolis) a.k.a. Meade "Lux" Lewis, Lewis, Meade 'Lux' or Lewis, Meade Lux was an American jazz pianist.

His most recognized albums: Cat House Piano, The Blues Piano Artistry of Meade Lux Lewis, The Chronological Classics: Meade Lux Lewis 1927-1939, The Chronological Classics: Meade Lux Lewis 1939-1941, The Chronological Classics: Meade Lux Lewis 1941-1944, The Boogie Woogie Trio, Volumes 1 & 2, The First Day, The Chronological Classics: Meade Lux Lewis 1946-1954, Boogies & Blues and Masters of Boogie Piano: Five Classic Albums Plus. Genres related to him: Boogie-woogie and Piano blues.

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Lale Andersen

Lale Andersen (March 23, 1905 Bremerhaven-August 29, 1972 Vienna) otherwise known as Lale Anderson, Andersen, Lale, Engel der Soldaten or Elisabeth Carlotta Helena Berta Bunnenberg was a German singer and actor. Her children are Michael Wilke, Litta Magnus and Björn Wilke.

Her albums include Gold Collection, Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens (Lili Marleen), Lili Marleen, Unter einem Regenschirm am Abend / Unter der roten Laterne von St. Pauli and .

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Jack Teagarden

Jack Teagarden (August 20, 1905 Vernon-January 15, 1964 New Orleans) a.k.a. Teagarden, Jack, Weldon Leo Teagarden, Big T, The Swingin' Gate, Father of Jazz Trombone or Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra was an American trombonist, bandleader, actor and singer.

His most well known albums: Storyville Masters of Jazz, Volume 10: Jack Teagarden, Jack Hits the Road (1938-1943), Texas Tea Party, 20.3009-HI: Makin' Friends, Club Hangover Broadcasts (feat. Jackie Coon), I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues, Jack Teagarden, Planet Jazz, Master of the Jazz Trombone: 1928-1940 and Big 'T'. Genres: Jazz, Big Band, Blues and Swing music.

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Leroy Carr

Leroy Carr (March 27, 1905 Nashville-April 29, 1935 Indianapolis) a.k.a. Carr, Leroy was an American singer and musician.

Discography: The Essential, The Best of Leroy Carr: Whiskey Is My Habit, Good Women Is All I Crave, How Long, How Long Blues / My Own Lonesome Blues, The Blues Collection 86: Naptown Blues, Mean Mistreater Mama / Blues Before Sunrise, Rocks in My Bed / Big Four Blues, Naptown Blues / The Truth About the Thing, Mean Old Train Blues / Low Down Dirty Blues, Broken Spoke Blues / Tennessee Blues and How Long How Long Blues, Part 2 / Prison Bound Blues. Genres: Chicago blues and Piedmont blues.

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Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (August 24, 1905 Forest-March 28, 1974 Northampton County) a.k.a. Arthur Crudup, Arthur William Crudup, Elmer Jones or Percy Lee Crudup was an American singer, musician, guitarist and songwriter.

His albums: That's Alright Mama, Complete Recorded Works 1941-1956 in Chronological Order, Volume 3, Mean Ol' Frisco, Look on Yonder Wall, Rock Me Mama, Rock Me Mama - Blues Collection # 47, Nothing but the Blues: Arthur Big Boy Crudup, That's All Right Mama, My Baby Left Me / Anytime Is the Right Time and That's All Right / Crudup's After Hours. Genres related to him: Blues, Delta blues and Rock and roll.

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Eddie Condon

Eddie Condon (November 16, 1905 Goodland-August 4, 1973 New York City) otherwise known as Condon, Eddie was an American , .

His most well known albums: 20.3008-HI: That's a Serious Thing (disc 2), Ballin' the Jack, Dixieland, Eddie Condon & George Wettling, Eddie Condon and Friends, Eddie Condon in Japan, Live at the New School (1972 Chiaroscuro), The Classic Sessions 1928-1949: Makin' Friends (disc 1), The Complete CBS Recordings of Eddie Condon and His All Stars (disc 3) and The Definitive Eddie Condon.

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Kay Kyser

Kay Kyser (June 18, 1905 Rocky Mount-July 23, 1985 Chapel Hill) also known as Ky Kyser, Kyser, Kay, James King Kern Kyser, Kay Kyser and His Kollege of Musical Knowledge, The Ol' Perfessor or Kay Kyser's Band was an American bandleader, actor and singer. He had three children, Carroll Amanda, Amanda Kay and Kimberly Kyser.

Discography: Music Maestro Please, Best of Kay Kyser & His Orchestra, Best of Big Bands: Kay Kyser and I Came Here to Talk for Joe / Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition. Genres: Big Band, Swing music and Jazz.

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