Norwegian movie stars born in 1939

Here are 6 famous actors from Norway were born in 1939:

Svein Erik Brodal

Svein Erik Brodal (February 21, 1939 Østre Toten-) is a Norwegian actor.

Harald Heide-Steen Jr.

Harald Heide-Steen Jr. (August 18, 1939 Oslo-June 3, 2008 Oslo) a.k.a. Harald-Heide Steen Jr., Harald Heide Steen jr., Harald Heide-Steen or Heide-Steen, Harald Jr. was a Norwegian comedian, actor and singer. He had three children, Joachim Heide-Steen, Frikk Heide-Steen and Tiril Heide-Steen.

Ivar Søe

Ivar Søe (October 7, 1939 Kongsberg-) is a Norwegian actor.

Ola B. Johannessen

Ola B. Johannessen (May 17, 1939 Trondheim-) otherwise known as Ola Johannessen is a Norwegian actor.

Svein Scharffenberg

Svein Scharffenberg (June 21, 1939 Oslo-) is a Norwegian actor and film director.

Jon Eikemo

Jon Eikemo (November 30, 1939 Åsane-) is a Norwegian actor.

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