Danish movie stars born in 1976

Here are 9 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1976:

Rasmus Bjerg

Rasmus Bjerg (July 28, 1976-) is a Danish actor. He has four children, Anna Bjerg, Villads Bjerg, Valder Bjerg and Ella Bjerg.

Martin Frislev Ammitsbøl

Martin Frislev Ammitsbøl (November 9, 1976 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Martin Ammitsbøl is a Danish actor.

Kristian Kiehling

Kristian Kiehling (September 17, 1976 Holstebro-) also known as KK, Kristian Erik Kiehling, Kristian Killing, Christian Kiehling or Kristian-Erik Kiehling is a Danish actor.

(February 28, 1976 Næstved-) also known as Anders Larsen is a Danish actor and musician.

Frederik Meldal Nørgaard

Frederik Meldal Nørgaard (February 4, 1976 Aarhus-) is a Danish actor, screenwriter and film producer.

Thomas Chaanhing

Thomas Chaanhing (January 2, 1976 Denmark-) a.k.a. Thomas Chaaning is a Danish actor.

Jarl Benzon

Jarl Benzon (September 22, 1976 Svendborg-) is a Danish actor.

Kenneth Bøgh Andersen

Kenneth Bøgh Andersen (November 1, 1976 Denmark-) is a Danish actor and writer.

Esben Dalgaard

Esben Dalgaard (July 3, 1976-) a.k.a. Esben Dalgaard Andersen is a Danish actor.

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