Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1968

Here are 5 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1968:

Carla Marins

Carla Marins (June 7, 1968 Campos dos Goytacazes-) is a Brazilian actor.

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Carolina Ferraz

Carolina Ferraz (January 25, 1968 Morrinhos, Goiás-) a.k.a. Maria Carolina Álvares Ferraz is a Brazilian model, actor, dancer and presenter. She has one child, Valentina Cohen.

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Helena Fernandes

Helena Fernandes (October 19, 1968 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Helena Maria Ferreira Fernandes is a Brazilian actor, comedian, voice actor and model. Her children are called Antônio Alvarenga, Lucas Alvarenga and Yan Fernandes.

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Christine Fernandes

Christine Fernandes (March 1, 1968 Chicago-) a.k.a. Christine Fernandes Alves is a Brazilian actor and model. She has one child, Pedro Peixoto.

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Sandra Annenberg

Sandra Annenberg (June 5, 1968 São Paulo-) otherwise known as Sandra Annemberg is a Brazilian actor. Her child is called Elisa Paglia.

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