Brazilian musicians died when they were 24

Here are 4 famous musicians from Brazil died at 24:

Murilo Rubião

Murilo Rubião (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1991) also known as Murilo Rubiao was a Brazilian writer.

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Paulo Rafael de Oliveira Ramos

Paulo Rafael de Oliveira Ramos (July 30, 1985 Goiânia-September 1, 2009 Inhumas) was a Brazilian personality.

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Maurício Alves Peruchi

Maurício Alves Peruchi (January 2, 1990 São Paulo-April 12, 2014 Gauchy) was a Brazilian personality.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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Castro Alves

Castro Alves (March 14, 1847 Castro Alves, Bahia-July 6, 1871 Salvador) also known as Antônio Frederico de Castro Alves was a Brazilian poet and playwright.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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