Hungarian music stars born in 1957

Here are 5 famous musicians from Hungary were born in 1957:

György Pazdera

György Pazdera (March 18, 1957 Hungary-) is a Hungarian bassist.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Speed metal and Hard rock.

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Márta Sebestyén

Márta Sebestyén (August 19, 1957 Budapest-) a.k.a. Marta Sebestyen or Sebestyén, Márta is a Hungarian singer.

Her albums: The Best of Márta Sebestyén, Apocrypha, Dúdoltam én: Sebestyén Márta, Kismet, I Can See the Gates of Heaven, , Live at Liszt Academy and Morning Star. Genres she performed: Hungarian folk music.

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Mihály Víg

Mihály Víg (September 21, 1957 Budapest-) otherwise known as Vig Mihály is a Hungarian singer, film score composer, actor, poet, guitarist, songwriter and composer.

His most well known albums: Film Music for Béla Tarr and .

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Juli Básti

Juli Básti (August 10, 1957 Budapest-) otherwise known as Básti Júlia or Básti Juli is a Hungarian actor and voice actor. She has three children, Samu Puskás, Dávid Puskás and Márton Gothár.

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Endre Csillag

Endre Csillag (October 12, 1957 Budapest-) is a Hungarian , .

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