Brazilian musicians died when they were 46

Here are 5 famous musicians from Brazil died at 46:

Franklin Távora

Franklin Távora (January 13, 1842 Baturité-August 18, 1888 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Franklin Tavora was a Brazilian writer, journalist, politician, lawyer and playwright.

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Humberto Tozzi

Humberto Tozzi (February 4, 1934 São João de Meriti-April 17, 1980 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian personality.

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Manoel de Aguiar Fagundes

Manoel de Aguiar Fagundes (August 22, 1907 Niterói-November 22, 1953) was a Brazilian personality.

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Véra Clouzot

Véra Clouzot (December 30, 1913 Rio de Janeiro-December 15, 1960 Paris) also known as Véra Gibson-Amado, Vera Clouzot or Amado Vera Gibson was a Brazilian actor, writer and screenwriter.

She died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Andréa Maltarolli

Andréa Maltarolli (September 28, 1962 Rio de Janeiro-September 22, 2009) was a Brazilian screenwriter.

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