British actors born in 1909

Here are 20 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1909:

Leonard Sachs

Leonard Sachs (September 26, 1909 Roodepoort-June 15, 1990 Westminster) a.k.a. Leonard Meyer Sachs was a British actor. His children are called Robin Sachs and Toby Sachs.

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Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas (November 9, 1909 Fenny Stratford-January 11, 1999 Leucadia, Encinitas, California) a.k.a. Robert Douglas Finlayson was a British television director, actor and television producer. His children are called Robert Giles Finlayson and Lucinda Gail Finlayson.

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Bruce Seton

Bruce Seton (May 29, 1909 Shimla-September 28, 1969 London) also known as Major Sir Bruce Lovat Seton of Abercorn, 11th Baronet, Bruce Lovat Seton or Sir Bruce Seton was a British actor and soldier.

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James Mason

James Mason (May 15, 1909 Huddersfield-July 27, 1984 Lausanne) otherwise known as James Neville Mason or Enoch Gates was a British actor, film producer, screenwriter and film director. He had two children, Morgan Mason and Portland Mason.

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Berkely Mather

Berkely Mather (February 25, 1909 Gloucester-April 7, 1996 Brede) a.k.a. John Evan Weston Davies or Jasper was a British writer, screenwriter and actor.

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Eric Ambler

Eric Ambler (June 28, 1909 London-October 22, 1998 London) also known as Eric Clifford Ambler or Eliot Reed was a British screenwriter, actor, film producer and novelist.

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Neal Arden

Neal Arden (December 27, 1909 Fulham-June 4, 2014 Huntingdon) also known as Neil Arden or Arthur Neal Alston was a British actor.

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Tommy Trinder

Tommy Trinder (March 24, 1909 Streatham-July 10, 1989 Chertsey) a.k.a. Thomas Edward Trinder was a British comedian and actor. His child is called Jane Trinder.

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Sydney Bromley

Sydney Bromley (July 24, 1909 London-August 14, 1987 Worthing) also known as Sidney Charles Bromley or Sidney Bromley was a British actor.

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Cyril Chamberlain

Cyril Chamberlain (March 8, 1909 London-December 5, 1974 Builth Wells) a.k.a. Cyril Hugh Basham Chamberlain, C. J. Chamberlain or Jimmy was a British actor and businessperson.

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Freddie Frinton

Freddie Frinton (January 17, 1909 Grimsby-October 16, 1968 London) also known as Frederick Hargate or Frederick Bittiner Coo was a British comedian and actor.

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Michael Ward

Michael Ward (April 9, 1909 Carnmenellis-November 8, 1997 St Mary's Hospital, London) also known as George William Everard Yoe Ward was a British actor.

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Mark Dignam

Mark Dignam (March 20, 1909 London-September 29, 1989 London) a.k.a. Mark Digham or Marc Dignam was a British actor.

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John Glyn-Jones

John Glyn-Jones (August 28, 1909 London-January 21, 1997 Morocco) also known as John Glyn Johns or John Glyn Jones was a British actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter.

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John Boxer

John Boxer (April 25, 1909 Metropolitan Borough of Hackney-August 22, 1982 Brighton) also known as Cyril John Boxer was a British actor.

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George Moon

George Moon (March 19, 1909 London-December 17, 1981 London) was a British actor. He had one child, Georgina Moon.

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Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn (June 20, 1909 Hobart-October 14, 1959 Vancouver) a.k.a. Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn, Leslie Flynn, The Tasmanian Devil, Flynny, Rolly, Satan's Angel or The Baron was a British actor, film producer, screenwriter and writer. He had four children, Sean Flynn, Rory Flynn, Deirdre Flynn and Arnella Roma Flynn.

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Denis Carey

Denis Carey (August 3, 1909 London-September 28, 1986 London) a.k.a. Denis Carye or William Denis Carey was a British actor.

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Geoffrey Kendal

Geoffrey Kendal (September 7, 1909 Kendal-May 14, 1998) a.k.a. Geoffrey Bragg or Richard Geoffrey Bragg was a British actor-manager and actor. His children are called Felicity Kendal and Jennifer Kendal.

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Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan (March 23, 1909 Tredegar-March 1, 2000 United Kingdom) was a British actor.

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