British actors died at age 61

Here are 20 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 61:

Tony Anholt

Tony Anholt (January 19, 1941 Singapore-July 26, 2002 London) also known as Anthony Anholt or Anthony "Tony" Anholt was a British actor. He had one child, Christien Anholt.

He died in brain tumor.

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Gerald du Maurier

Gerald du Maurier (March 26, 1873 London-April 11, 1934 London) also known as Gerald Hubert Edward Busson du Maurier, Sir Gerald Hubert Edward Busson du Maurier or Sir Gerald Du Maurier was a British actor. His children are Daphne du Maurier, Angela du Maurier and Jeanne du Maurier.

He died as a result of colorectal cancer.

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Stuart Paton

Stuart Paton (July 23, 1883 Glasgow-December 16, 1944 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Stuart Payton was a British screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer and film editor.

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Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley (December 28, 1943 Bradford-June 26, 2005 Leeds) a.k.a. John Richard Whiteley, Mayor Richard Whiteley, "Twice-Nightly" Whiteley or Richard Whiteley OBE was a British presenter, journalist, actor and broadcaster. His child is James Whiteley.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Michael Goodliffe

Michael Goodliffe (October 1, 1914 Bebington-March 20, 1976 Wimbledon) also known as Lawrence Michael Andrew Goodliffe was a British actor.

He died in suicide.

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Stephen B. Grimes

Stephen B. Grimes (April 18, 1927 Weybridge-September 12, 1988 Positano) also known as Stephen Grimes or Stephen S. Grimes was a British production designer, film art director and actor.

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Darryl Read

Darryl Read (September 19, 1951 Exeter-June 23, 2013 Pattaya) was a British actor, musician, writer, songwriter, film producer, singer and poet.

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Kyrle Bellew

Kyrle Bellew (March 28, 1850 Prescot-November 2, 1911 Salt Lake City) also known as H. Kyrle Bellew or Harold Kyrle Money Bellew was a British actor. His child is called Cosmo Kyrle Bellew.

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Peter Lawford

Peter Lawford (September 7, 1923 London-December 24, 1984 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Peter Sydney Ernest Aylen, Brother-in-Lawford, Lawford or Peter Sydney Ernest Lawford was a British actor and film producer. He had four children, Christopher Lawford, Robin Elizabeth Lawford, Sydney Maleia Kennedy Lawford and Victoria Francis Lawford.

He died as a result of cardiac arrest.

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Douglas Muir

Douglas Muir (November 5, 1904 London-April 5, 1966 Chelsea) a.k.a. Douglas George Muir was a British actor. He had one child, Gillian Muir.

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Colin Gordon

Colin Gordon (April 27, 1911 Sri Lanka-October 4, 1972 Haslemere) otherwise known as Colin Fraser Gordon or Gordon was a British actor.

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Peter Bromilow

Peter Bromilow (April 21, 1933 Cheshire-October 16, 1994 Los Angeles County) was a British actor.

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Frederick Valk

Frederick Valk (June 10, 1895 Hamburg-July 23, 1956 London) a.k.a. Fritz Valk was a British actor.

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Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett (November 3, 1933 Berkswell-September 12, 1995 Clapham) also known as Peter Jeremy William Huggins was a British actor. His child is called David Huggins.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Robin Sachs

Robin Sachs (February 5, 1951 Hammersmith-February 1, 2013 Los Angeles) also known as Robin David Sachs was a British actor and voice actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Philip Tonge

Philip Tonge (April 26, 1897 Hampstead-January 28, 1959 Hollywood) also known as Philip Ashetin Tonge, Philip Asheton Tonge or Phillip Tonge was a British actor.

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Leslie Perrins

Leslie Perrins (October 7, 1901 Moseley-December 13, 1962 Esher) was a British actor.

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Leslie Banks

Leslie Banks (June 9, 1890 West Derby-April 21, 1952 Kensington) a.k.a. Leslie James Banks or Leslie Banks, CBE was a British actor, film director and film producer. His children are Evangeline Banks, Daphne Banks and Virginia Banks.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Tom Chatto

Tom Chatto (September 1, 1920 Elstree-August 8, 1982 London) was a British actor.

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Derek Hart

Derek Hart (March 18, 1925 Hertfordshire-November 23, 1986 London) also known as Derek Osborne Hart was a British actor and journalist.

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