British actors died in 1961

Here are 13 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1961:

John Salew

John Salew (November 27, 2014 Portsmouth-September 1, 1961 Hammersmith) also known as John Rylett Salew or Hartnell, Billy was a British actor.

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Ernest Thesiger

Ernest Thesiger (January 15, 1879 London-January 14, 1961 London) a.k.a. Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger, Ernst Thesiger or Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger CBE was a British actor.

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Michael Shepley

Michael Shepley (September 29, 1907 Plymouth-September 28, 1961 London) otherwise known as Michael Shepley-Smitth or Michael Shepley-Smith was a British actor.

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George Formby

George Formby (May 26, 1904 Wigan-March 6, 1961 Preston, Lancashire) also known as George Formby, Jr., Formby, George, George Fotmby, George Hoy Booth, Ukulele George, George Hoy, George Formby, OBE or George Formby Jr. was a British singer-songwriter, comedian, actor and musician.

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Jack Livesey

Jack Livesey (June 11, 1901 Barry, Vale of Glamorgan-October 12, 1961 Burbank) a.k.a. Jack Livesy was a British actor.

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Gordon McLeod

Gordon McLeod (December 27, 1890 Ivybridge-November 27, 1961) a.k.a. Charles Gordon McLeod was a British actor.

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Herbert Lomas

Herbert Lomas (November 27, 1887 Burnley-April 11, 1961 Devon) was a British actor.

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Wallace Lupino

Wallace Lupino (January 23, 1898 Edinburgh-October 11, 1961 Ashford) also known as Wallace Lane, Wally Lupino or Lane Wallace was a British actor and screenwriter. His child is called Richard Lupino.

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Philip Stainton

Philip Stainton (April 9, 1908 Kings Norton-August 1, 1961 Melbourne) also known as Bish was a British actor.

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Wallis Clark

Wallis Clark (March 2, 1882 Essex-February 14, 1961 North Hollywood) also known as Wallis H. Clark, Wallace Clark, Wally Clark, Wallis Clarke or Wally Clarke was a British actor and engineer. He had one child, Wallis H. Clark, Jr..

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Bertram Burleigh

Bertram Burleigh (November 27, 1890 London-April 24, 1961 Goring-by-Sea) also known as Charles Bertram Burleigh was a British actor and manager.

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Bransby Williams

Bransby Williams (August 14, 1870 London Borough of Hackney-December 3, 1961 London) otherwise known as Bransby William Pharez was a British actor, screenwriter, comedian and monologist. He had five children, Eric Bransby Williams, Winnie Bransby Williams, Ida Bransby Williams, Betty Bransby Williams and William George Bransby Williams.

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Lewin Fitzhamon

Lewin Fitzhamon (June 5, 1869 Aldingham-October 10, 1961 England) also known as Fitz, Lewin Fitzhamon or Lewin "Fitz" Fitzhamon was a British film director, screenwriter and actor.

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