Hungarian actors died in 2013

Here are 4 famous actors from Hungary died in 2013:

Tommy Tycho

Tommy Tycho (April 11, 1928 Budapest-April 4, 2013 Randwick) also known as Thomas Tycho, Tommy, Thomas Tycho AM MBE, The Maestro or Thomas (Tommy) Tycho AM MBE was a Hungarian conductor, film score composer, actor, composer, pianist and music arranger. He had one child, Vicki Tycho.

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György Bárdy

György Bárdy (May 26, 1921 Kispest-May 27, 2013 Budapest) also known as Bárdi Györhgy, Gyorgi Bardi, György Bárdi or Bárdi György was a Hungarian actor and voice actor. He had one child, Anna Bárdy.

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György Kézdy

György Kézdy (February 14, 1936 Budapest-February 8, 2013 Budapest) a.k.a. Kézdy György was a Hungarian actor and voice actor. His child is called Mark Kézdi.

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Sándor Szoboszlai

Sándor Szoboszlai (March 22, 1925 Dömös-January 4, 2013 Veszprém) also known as Sándor Szoboszlay, Szoboszlay Sándor or Szobi was a Hungarian actor.

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