British actors died in 1996

Here are 19 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1996:

Leslie Crowther

Leslie Crowther (February 6, 1933 West Bridgford-September 29, 1996 Royal United Hospital) also known as Leslie Douglas Sargent Crowther was a British presenter, comedian and actor. He had two children, Liz Crowther and Caroline Crowther.

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Mark Frankel

Mark Frankel (June 13, 1962 Surrey-September 24, 1996 Chiswick) also known as Mark D.Frankel was a British actor. His children are called Fabien Frankel and Max Frankel.

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Isao Yamagata

Isao Yamagata (July 25, 1915 London-June 28, 1996) a.k.a. Yamagata Isao was a British actor.

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Willie Rushton

Willie Rushton (August 18, 1937 Chelsea-December 11, 1996 Kensington) a.k.a. William George Rushton, William Rushton, Rushton, Willy or Willy Rushton was a British comedian, cartoonist, actor, screenwriter and writer.

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Ronald Howard

Ronald Howard (April 7, 1918 South Norwood-December 19, 1996 Bridport) was a British actor and writer. He had three children, Steven Howard, Anne Howard and Fenella Howard.

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Patrick Cargill

Patrick Cargill (June 3, 1918 Bexhill-on-Sea-May 23, 1996 Richmond, London) was a British actor.

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Jeremy Sinden

Jeremy Sinden (June 14, 1950 London-May 29, 1996 London) a.k.a. J.A. Sinden or Jeremy Mahony Sinden was a British actor. He had two children, Kezia Sinden and Harriet Sinden.

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Peter Glenville

Peter Glenville (October 28, 1913 Hampstead-June 3, 1996 New York City) also known as Peter Patrick Brabazon Browne or Peter Patrick Brabason Browne was a British actor, film director, theatre director and screenwriter.

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Wolfe Morris

Wolfe Morris (January 5, 1925 Portsmouth-July 21, 1996 London) a.k.a. Wolf Morris was a British actor.

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Simon Cadell

Simon Cadell (July 19, 1950 London-March 6, 1996 Westminster) a.k.a. Simon John Cadell was a British actor and voice actor.

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Christopher Casson

Christopher Casson (March 20, 1912 Manchester-July 9, 1996 Dublin) also known as Casson, Christopher was a British actor, singer and harpist. He had one child, Glynis Casson.

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Alfred Marks

Alfred Marks (January 28, 1921 Holborn-July 1, 1996 London Borough of Hillingdon) also known as Alfred Edward Marks, Ruchel Kutchinsky or Alfred Edward Marks OBE was a British actor, comedian, auctioneer, engineer and singer. He had two children, Gareth Marks and Danielle Marks.

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John Young

John Young (June 16, 1916 Edinburgh-October 30, 1996 Glasgow) was a British actor. His child is called Paul Young.

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John Abbott

John Abbott (April 19, 1945 United Kingdom-November 27, 1996) was a British actor and author.

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Patrick Ludlow

Patrick Ludlow (March 24, 1903 London-January 27, 1996 London) was a British actor.

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Chas Chandler

Chas Chandler (December 18, 1938 Heaton, Newcastle-July 17, 1996 Newcastle General Hospital) also known as Bryan "Chas" Chandler, Bryan James Chandler, Chandler, Bryan "Chas", Bryan James "Chas" Chandler or The Animals was a British musician, record producer, talent manager, bassist, songwriter, actor, film producer and singer. His children are called Steffan Chandler, Alex Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler and Katherine Chandler.

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David Davis

David Davis (June 27, 1908 Malvern-April 29, 1996 London) also known as William Eric Davis was a British actor.

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Colin Morris

Colin Morris (February 4, 1916 Liverpool-March 31, 1996 London) was a British playwright, screenwriter, actor and television producer.

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Berkely Mather

Berkely Mather (February 25, 1909 Gloucester-April 7, 1996 Brede) a.k.a. John Evan Weston Davies or Jasper was a British writer, screenwriter and actor.

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