British actors died in 2008

Here are 33 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 2008:

Reg Varney

Reg Varney (July 11, 1916 Canning Town-November 16, 2008 Budleigh Salterton) otherwise known as Reginald Alfred Varney, Reginald Alfred "Reg" Varney or Reg was a British actor. He had one child, Jeanne Varney.

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Anthony Minghella

Anthony Minghella (January 6, 1954 Ryde-March 18, 2008 Hammersmith) a.k.a. Anthony Minghella CBE was a British screenwriter, film producer, film director, playwright, television producer and actor. He had two children, Max Minghella and Hannah Minghella.

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Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter (October 10, 1930 Metropolitan Borough of Hackney-December 24, 2008 London) also known as Sir Harold Pinter, David Baron or Harold Pinter, CH, CBE was a British playwright, author, poet, screenwriter, actor, theatre director, social activist, writer, political activist and film director. His child is called Daniel Brand Pinter.

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John Hewer

John Hewer (January 13, 1922 Leyton-March 16, 2008 Brinsworth House) was a British actor.

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John Ringham

John Ringham (February 10, 1928 Cheltenham-October 20, 2008 England) a.k.a. John Henry Ringham was a British actor.

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Walter Randall

Walter Randall (November 27, 2014-November 27, 2014) was a British actor.

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Ian Collier

Ian Collier (November 27, 2014-October 1, 2008 England) also known as Ian Gordon Arthur Collier was a British actor.

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James Bree

James Bree (July 20, 1923 East Coker-December 1, 2008 London) also known as James Rutherford Worsfold Thomson, Henrietta Rudkin or James Thomson-Bree was a British actor.

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Kevin Stoney

Kevin Stoney (July 25, 1921 Nowgong, Chhatarpur-January 22, 2008 Chiswick) was a British actor and film score composer.

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Clive Hornby

Clive Hornby (October 20, 1944 Liverpool-July 3, 2008 Leeds) was a British actor, drummer and musician. He had one child, Thomas Hornby.

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Bernard Archard

Bernard Archard (August 20, 1916 Fulham-May 1, 2008 Witham Friary) also known as Bernard Joseph Archard was a British actor.

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Peter Coke

Peter Coke (April 3, 1913 Southsea-July 30, 2008 Sharrington) a.k.a. The Fabergé of Shell Art or Peter John Coke was a British artist, actor, playwright, sculptor and visual artist.

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David Lloyd Meredith

David Lloyd Meredith (October 30, 1933 London-October 22, 2008 Chester) was a British actor and osteopath.

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Hugh Lloyd

Hugh Lloyd (April 22, 1923 Chester-July 14, 2008 Worthing) also known as Hugh Lewis Lloyd was a British actor.

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Ken Campbell

Ken Campbell (December 10, 1941 Ilford-August 31, 2008 Loughton) also known as Kenneth Victor Campbell, Kenneth Campbell or a one-man dynamo of British theatre was a British writer, comedian, actor, film director and theatre director. He had one child, Daisy Campbell.

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Barry Morse

Barry Morse (June 10, 1918 Shoreditch-February 2, 2008 London) a.k.a. Herbert Morse, Herbert "Barry" Morse or The most hated man in America was a British actor, film director, author and writer. His children are called Hayward Morse, Melanie Morse MacQuarrie and Barry Richard Charles Morse.

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Peter Copley

Peter Copley (May 20, 1915 Bushey-October 7, 2008 Bristol) a.k.a. Coppers, Copley or Peter Francis Gabain Copley was a British actor and lawyer. He had one child, Fanny Copley.

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Dave Atkins

Dave Atkins (October 11, 1940 Plymouth-April 23, 2008 Watford) also known as David Atkins or Dave Aktins was a British actor.

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Bruce Lester

Bruce Lester (June 6, 1912 Johannesburg-June 13, 2008 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Bruce Lister or Bruce Somerset Lister was a British actor.

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John Forbes-Robertson

John Forbes-Robertson (May 10, 1928 Worthing-May 14, 2008 London) otherwise known as James Forbes-Robertson or John Forbes Robertson was a British actor.

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Paul Scofield

Paul Scofield (January 21, 1922 Birmingham-March 19, 2008 Sussex) a.k.a. David Paul Scofield or David Paul Scofield CH CBE was a British actor and voice actor. He had two children, Martin Scofield and Sarah Scofield.

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Terence Rigby

Terence Rigby (January 2, 1937 Erdington-August 10, 2008 London) also known as Terence Christopher Rigby was a British actor.

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Rob Guest

Rob Guest (July 17, 1950 Birmingham-October 2, 2008 Melbourne) also known as Robert John Guest was a British actor.

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Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman (January 20, 1930 Peckham-December 16, 2008 France) also known as Ronald Coleman was a British actor.

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William Fox

William Fox (January 26, 1911 Manila-September 20, 2008 London) also known as William Hubert Fox or Williams Fox was a British writer and actor. He had three children, Alexandra Fox, Nicholas Fox and Amanda Fox.

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Gertan Klauber

Gertan Klauber (March 5, 1932 Czechoslovakia-August 1, 2008 London) also known as George Gertan Klauber, Gertain Klauber, Gerton Klauber or Mr. Gertan Klauber was a British actor.

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David Brierly

David Brierly (November 27, 2014 Yorkshire-June 10, 2008) also known as David Brierley was a British actor and voice actor.

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Bob Friend

Bob Friend (January 20, 1938 United Kingdom-October 8, 2008 United Kingdom) also known as Robert Friend, Bob Friend, MBE or Robert Francis Friend was a British presenter, journalist and actor.

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Patrick Connor

Patrick Connor (August 6, 1926 Margate-July 22, 2008 England) was a British actor.

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Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant (June 7, 1936 Bolton-October 27, 2008 Burford) also known as Christopher Bryan Spencer, Christopher Bryan Spencer Dobson, Bradley T. Winter or Andrew Meredith was a British screenwriter and actor.

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Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke (December 16, 1917 Minehead-March 19, 2008 Colombo) otherwise known as Arthur Charles Clarke, Charles Willis, E. G. O'Brien, Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, Arthur Clark, Clarke, Arthur C., Arthur Clarke, Charles Wills or Charles A Wills was a British inventor, author, writer, novelist, explorer, presenter, actor and screenwriter.

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Oliver Postgate

Oliver Postgate (April 12, 1925 Hendon-December 8, 2008 Broadstairs) a.k.a. Richard Oliver Postgate was a British writer, animator, puppeteer, screenwriter, television director, television producer, voice actor and actor. He had three children, Stephen Postgate, Simon Postgate and Daniel Postgate.

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Norman Maen

Norman Maen (November 27, 2014 Ballymena-April 22, 2008) otherwise known as Norman Maternaghan was a British choreography, actor and television director.

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