Dutch actors who were born in 1975

Here are 5 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1975:

Frederik Brom

Frederik Brom (February 21, 1975 Leiden-) a.k.a. Freek Brom is a Dutch actor and presenter.

Arne Toonen

Arne Toonen (January 9, 1975 Boxmeer-) is a Dutch film director and actor. He has one child, Chico Toonen.

Narsingh Balwantsingh

Narsingh Balwantsingh (September 27, 1975 Rotterdam-) also known as Narsingh Balewentsing is a Dutch actor.

Finlay Robertson

Finlay Robertson (May 2, 1975 Netherlands-) is a Dutch actor.

Mimoun Oaïssa

Mimoun Oaïssa (March 11, 1975 Nador Province-) otherwise known as Mimoun Oaissa is a Dutch actor and screenwriter.

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