Chinese musicians who were born in 1978

Here are 5 famous musicians from China were born in 1978:

Penny Tai

Penny Tai (April 22, 1978 Johor-) also known as Penny ´÷ÅåÄÝ, Dai Peini, Tai Pei Ni, ´÷ÅåÄÝ, Penny Dai (Dai Pei Ni À¹¨Ø©g), À¹¨Ø©g, Penny Dai, Penny Dai Pei Ni, Tai Pei-nee or Tai, Penny is a Chinese singer, singer-songwriter and lyricist.

Her discography includes: Penny, Just Sing It: 愛過, No Penny No Gain, 愛瘋了, 怎樣, So Penny 好…佩妮, iPenny, 原諒我就是這樣的女生, 野薔薇 and Crazy Love. Genres: Mandopop.

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Rynn Lim

Rynn Lim (December 29, 1978 Sarawak-) also known as Rynn Lin is a Chinese singer, actor, songwriter and record producer.

His albums: 淋雨中. Genres he performed: Mandopop.

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Fish Leong

Fish Leong (June 16, 1978 Bahau-) also known as 梁靜茹, ±çÀR¯ø, Áº¾²Èã, Jasmine Leung, Liang Jing Ru, 梁静茹, Jasmine Leong Chui Peng, 梁靜如, 梁静如, Liang Jingru or Leong, Fish is a Chinese singer.

Discography: The Power of Love Songs (New+Best Collection) (disc 1), Sunrise, 親親, Grown Up Overnight, Courage, Shining Star, Beautiful, The Power of Love, Wings of Love and Silk Road of Love.

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Aska Yang

Aska Yang (April 4, 1978 Taoyuan City-) is a Chinese singer.

His albums include Pure, Star Reunion, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Indigo Blue From Nan, Love Destiny, Star! Start! Aska Yang Live Concert and Dove. His related genres: Mandopop.

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Malay (September 14, 1978-) also known as James Ho is a Chinese record producer and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Contemporary R&B, Alternative hip hop, Pop music, Electronic dance music, Hip hop soul, Soul music, Electro, Neo soul and PBR&B.

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