Czech movie actors born in the year 1921

Here are 9 famous actors from Czech Republic were born in 1921:

Jaroslav Mares

Jaroslav Mares (April 24, 1921 Husinec-October 29, 2003 Prague) otherwise known as J. Mares was a Czech actor.

Vladimír Svitácek

Vladimír Svitácek (February 17, 1921 Střelice-August 23, 2002) was a Czech screenwriter, actor and film director.

Ivo Gubel

Ivo Gubel (August 23, 1921 Prague-October 27, 1988 Prague) also known as Ivo Gübel was a Czech actor.

Oldrich Velen

Oldrich Velen (September 15, 1921 Tuřany (Kladno District)-May 4, 2013 Prague) also known as Oldrich Volek, Oldřich Velen, O. Velen or Ulrich Volek was a Czech actor.

Harry Riebauer

Harry Riebauer (July 4, 1921 Liberec-November 8, 1999 Berlin) was a Czech actor and translator.

Václav Neuzil

Václav Neuzil (September 24, 1921 Dvůr Králové nad Labem-September 2, 1989 Pilsen) also known as Vaclav Neuzil or V. Neuzil was a Czech actor.

Jan Fischer

Jan Fischer (July 19, 1921-September 26, 2011 Česká Lípa) was a Czech actor and theatre director.

Jindřich Narenta

Jindřich Narenta (May 9, 1921 Prague-) also known as J. Narenta, Jirí Nahrhaft or Jindrich Narenta is a Czech actor.

Miloš Willig

Miloš Willig (January 28, 1921 Velké Svatoňovice-August 23, 1979 Prague) was a Czech actor.

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