British actresses born in 1907

Here are 8 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1907:

Mary Losseff

Mary Losseff (March 13, 1907 Vladivostok-July 3, 1972 London) also known as Mara Loseff was a British singer and actor. Her child is called Dimitri.

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Freda Jackson

Freda Jackson (December 29, 1907 Nottingham-October 20, 1990 Northampton) also known as Freda Maud Jackson was a British actor and teacher. She had one child, Julian Bird.

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Jean Anderson

Jean Anderson (December 12, 1907 Eastbourne-April 1, 2001 Edenhall) a.k.a. Mary Jean Heriot Anderson was a British actor.

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Jessie Matthews

Jessie Matthews (March 11, 1907 Soho-August 19, 1981 Eastcote) a.k.a. Jessie Margaret Matthews, The Dancing Divinity, The English Ginger Rogers, Jessie Matthews, OBE or Matthews, Jessie was a British actor, dancer and singer. She had one child, Catherine Hale-Monro.

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Betty Henderson

Betty Henderson (June 13, 1907 Glasgow-August 1, 1979 Glasgow) was a British actor.

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Peggy Ashcroft

Peggy Ashcroft (December 22, 1907 Croydon-June 14, 1991 London) also known as Edith Margaret Emily Ashcroft or Dame Peggy Ashcroft was a British actor. She had two children, Eliza Hutchinson and Nicholas Hutchinson.

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Phyllis Konstam

Phyllis Konstam (April 14, 1907 London-August 20, 1976 Somerset) also known as Phyllis Konstan Austin or Phyllis Esther Kohnstamm was a British actor.

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Peggy Novak

Peggy Novak (November 1, 1907 Birkenhead-) is a British actor.

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