British actresses born in 1926

Here are 11 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1926:

Katie Boyle

Katie Boyle (May 29, 1926 Florence-) otherwise known as Caterina Irene Elena Maria Imperiali di Francavilla, Lady Saunders, Catherine Boyle, Caterina Irene Elena Maria Imperiali de Principi di Francavilla, Catherine Boyl or Catherine Carleton is a British presenter and actor.

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Jackie Forster

Jackie Forster (November 6, 1926 Islington-October 10, 1998 London) otherwise known as Jacqueline Mackenzie, Jackie Forster or Jacqueline Moir Mackenzie was a British presenter, actor and journalist.

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Zena Marshall

Zena Marshall (January 1, 1926 Nairobi-July 10, 2009 London) a.k.a. Zena Moyra Marshall was a British actor.

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Gillian Lynne

Gillian Lynne (February 20, 1926 Bromley-) also known as Gillian Barbara Lynne, Gillian Barbara Pyrke, Gillian Barbara Lynne, CBE or Gillian Lyne is a British choreographer, theatre director, actor, dancer, television director and ballet dancer.

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Hazel Court

Hazel Court (February 10, 1926 The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield-April 15, 2008 South Lake Tahoe) also known as Queen of Scream was a British actor, painter and sculptor. She had three children, Sally Walsh, Courtney Taylor and Jonathan Taylor.

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Rona Anderson

Rona Anderson (August 3, 1926 Edinburgh-July 23, 2013 Hampstead) was a British actor. Her children are called Graham Jackson and Roddy Jackson.

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Delphi Lawrence

Delphi Lawrence (March 23, 1926 Hertfordshire-April 11, 2002 Northport) also known as Delphi Enaver was a British actor.

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Genine Graham

Genine Graham (December 9, 1926 London-May 11, 1997 London) also known as Genie Graham was a British actor.

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Patricia Plunkett

Patricia Plunkett (December 17, 1926 Streatham-October 13, 1974 London) also known as Patricia Ruth Plunkett was a British actor.

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Queenie Watts

Queenie Watts (July 21, 1926 London-January 25, 1980 London) was a British actor, singer and businessperson.

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Moira Shearer

Moira Shearer (January 17, 1926 Dunfermline-January 31, 2006 Oxford) also known as Moira Shearer King or Lady Kennedy was a British ballet dancer and actor. She had four children, Alastair Kennedy, Alisa Kennedy, Rachel Kennedy and Fiona Kennedy.

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